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Which Aveeno/Keri for eczema?

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Subject: Re: Which Aveeno/Keri for eczema?
Date: 22 May 2004 23:50:55 GMT
From: Fred

Fred wrote:
> J. wrote:
> >
> > Keri is pretty good as a body lotion.
> > sometimes vitamin E cream helps alot too.  you
> > might want to get the kind for sensitive skin
> > if you have a rash .
> OK.  I'll look.  I can't recall the 3 variations
> of Keri, but one of them should be name
> something like for sensitive skin.  Too bad it
> doesn't include the vitamin E (I presume).
> There should be enough eczima people that it
> seems to make sense to have one lotion with all
> the right stuff in it e.g. anti-itch, vitamin E,
> and moisturizer.

Just to correct myself: I said Keri has no Vitamin
E.  I was wrong.  I got a bottle of the brand for
sensitive skin (it's as economical as any other
brand) and it has all the ingredients of a good
lotion of easily inflamed skin:

   "...pH balanced...hypoallergenic
   water-based...combines glycerin, vitamin E, and

I heard that aloe is good for relieving itchiness,
but other Aloe lotions I saw had all sorts of
strange, questionable ingredients.  I assume that
the pH balance means less aggravating to the skin
(I heard that some lotions are acidic).  As well,
no mention of lanolin.  By water-based, I assume
there is minimal unnecessary oils.  As for the
glycerin, my impression is that all lotions have
it.  All in all, a very good and serious lotion
for sensitive skin.  I can switch from my
lanolin-containing lubriderm to this brand of

I should add that lubriderm is probably a very
good lotion for those without sensitivities to its

welcome dry skin i have sever excema, and keri lotion is not for me makes me itch something fierce, on the other hand aveno is wonderful never had a       problem with it. god bless poo...

Hmm, I should have relabeled the subject.  It started off as me asking about Aveeno vs. Keri, but I didn't get much information on Aveeno.  When I was at the store, I looked at the price tag (money's an issue) and saw it was double that of Keri.  So I wasn't inclined to read the ingredients.  I hope Keri works.  I just bought two bottles of the stuff (one for home, one for school).  Anyway, it's a gamble.  It will take a long time to use up (weeks) so I might try Aveeno if things don't get better.  I now have all sorts of creams and lotions at home, none of which are very effective.


P.S.  Thanks for the response.  Now, I know that, at least for one person, Aveeno works better than Keri.

i dont use either, but i used to use aveeno..a lot less irritating than Keri :)

tip: creams and lotions-better for weepy eczema as they have a drying effect

oils and ointments-better for dry eczema

Yes, I'm finding that Keri is in fact causing itchiness.  I'm tempted to say as much as Lubriderm.  I'm basing this upon the fact that where I've applied Keri, it's itchy; where I've applied Uremol w/ 1% steroids, no itchiness.  I guess I just blew a bundle on my Keri bottles, but I'm tempted to continue using it because I'm not in the position to buy all sorts of different lotions right now.  It was optmistic to assume that Keri would be the final answer, and getting so much of it.  The ingredients list sound so right compared to the research I've done, but I should have just gotten a small quantity for trial purposes.

Thanks for the tip on creams/lotions for weepy eczema vs. oils/ointments for dry eczema.  I have both (it becomes weepy when I damage the skin enough, thus the importance of getting something that alleviates the itching).



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