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Rough Dry Skin on Lower Back

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I'm new to this site, so hello to all!

I have a patch of skin on my lower back, actually right above my tailbone, that feels very rough and dry, and it is darker than the rest of my skin.  It is about an inch or an inch and a half long, same width, and is not raised.  It doesn't itch.  It seems to have formed in the last 2 - 3 months.

Could this just be dry skin?  I have tried to exfoliate using scrubs and loofas, but no luck.  Is there anyone with a similar skin problem?  

29 years old


Welcome to Skincell Ky_girl!

I am not really sure what this could be.

Friction or pressure there could cause the skin to thicken in the same way as the skin thickens on the elbows.

I really think you should show this to your doctor for peace of mind at least.


 :)  Thank you for replying.  I wondered about the possibility that it could have formed because I like to lie in the bathtub and soak (especially during cold weather!), and I have those sticky tread things in the bottom of the tub.  I guess my lower back probably wears against those while I am bathing.

I did a web search for keywords "patch of dry rough skin on lower back", and perused the hits.  Most of them were for actinic keratosis, which I understand is more common among older persons, and due to sun exposure.  I have a medium olive complexion, not fair by any means, and get no sun exposure on that area.  

Anyway, I have been worried for a while, and of course the worst things go through my mind.  I appreciate your time, and maybe I'll go let the dr. check it out.

Welcome to the Forum KY Girl,

I agree with Gobe, for peace of mind you should see your doctor.

I have some dry spots but I am not sure they are the same as yours. Mine are sebhorreic keratoses. They are benign.



Hi KY Girl

Welcome along to the forum

Mm  Not sure how to make on this one .Could be anyone of a few conditions.

I think if this starts to get larger or stays prominet or gets itchy etc then you need to get it looked at ..

Have you any other patches etc ..Psoriasis often starts like this on the tailbone and elbows etc for example  so you would need to get a correct diagnosis.



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