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Grover's Disease

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Hi Maggie,

I wish I could say it is transient.  Not all cases of Grover's disease are transient. It may clear up for a little while, but it comes back. It appears to be chronic in many people.  I hope you are able to find a treatment for your darier's disease.[

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welcome to Skincell. It is good to have a few more people on the board who have been diagnosed with Grover's disease. I have a similar disease, Keratosis follicularis or Darier's disease. Mine is genetic. I get the spots on my stomach, chest, back, neck and a few other places. There are a lot of similarities between Grover's disease and Darier's Disease. The difference seems to be that with Grover's disease it really is only transient and should clear within a year or so, whereas Darier's is for life.


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Jimbo -

I'm just now in the final stages of a Grover's Disease outbreak and man, am I glad it's over!  Several weeks of total agony.  This is the third outbreak I've had in 7 years and I think I've narrowed it down to what I think is the cause.  I used to live in Alaska and knowing that we were going to have to relocate in 1998, we decided to buy a hot tub for our back deck to enjoy our last winter and hopefully catch the Northern Lights on occasion.  My first outbreak occured during that time but it disappeared without me visiting a dermatologist or any other doctors.  It happened again in 2001 (can't remember what the environment was at the time like season's or if I was stresssed out about something) and I did visit a dermatologist and after taking a biopsy, she diagnosed it as Grover's Disease.  She gave me some type of steroids and pills to take and it disappeared after a few weeks.

Well, this past Christmas we visited Disneyworld and rented a house for the week and guess what?  It had a pool and a jacuzzi.  The week after returning from Florida is when this current outbreak started so I think that I've narrowed down my search as to what causes this horrible rash.  It's either the chlorine or the heat or some type of bateria in the jacuzzi that is causing the infection.  So in the future if I decide to swim in a pool or soak in a hot tub, I'm going to careful to shower afterwards, that is 'if' I ever swim in a pool again or get in a spa.

I hope I'm correct in this self-diagnosis and hope you can conclude something also.  All the information I've seen on the web indicates that there's not much known.  It's definitely related to shingles and chickpox though.  Good luck!


My grover's outbreak has lasted about eight months, I don't have a pool or spa so these can be eliminated from my possible cause.

I am in the dark as to what caused my outbreak but I have had significant complications.

Bob C


Welcome to Skincell Cayennman and Bob!



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