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Dentures can be a pain so don'ttake the step lightly. Is there a dental college in your area? I had a friend (whose father was a physician and also on faculty at auniversity... so there was plenty of money and dental benefits there) who had all his dental work done by students at th edental college at the University of Toronto. I know it;s not like getting your sofa reupholstered at the local vocational school, but something worth investigating...

The other thing is, havea serious talk with your dentist, and see if maybe he can't come up with a bulk rate on filling replacements. After all, he runs a business. If you get dentures that's  aone-time thing but then you won't be going back to him...

Also, have you checked out This is an LP support group run by dental college. Maybe the site's facilitator, Dr. Nancy Burkhart, will be able to give you info on metals and LP... and also let you know if the contact of dentures against your gums might set you up for Oral Lichen Planus (which can become precanecrous, so is more serios than the skin version). I believe somewhere on that site ids a discussion of how OLP sometimes appears where teeth touch cheeks... Do please check it out (its free and online so couldn't be easier).

I'm glad your employer recognizes that health and safety are good investments when it comes to the company's bottom line.

Must run... have to work this evening and need to get the kids and meet up with my husband  first.



It has been several weeks now and the lesions are getting smaller.  Less redness after the shower and the calluses are flaking away and retreating.  

The lesions I have had the longest seem to be the most stubborn.  

The problem still seems to be drying up but at a slower pace than at first.  hmmmm?


Yes the lesions that you have had longest will take the longest to go away.

I'd say that your report is most encouraging!

Take heart! You are on the road to recovery. I'm so glad that you have found something that seems to be working for you.


Hi Murena!
I suffer from a few different skin conditions, one which is Pityriasis(tinea) Versicolor. Tinea is an overgrowth of the natural yeast on your skin. I have dealt with this for some time now, and a flare up can cause little follicular itchy bumps on my skin(pityroporum folliculitis). I have an appointment with a new derm on Thursday to confirm that my Tinea is causing the folliculitis. A friend who is a nurse recently told me that it looks to her that I could have mild Lichen Planus or Atopic Eczema(which I have always had on my elbows, but noplace else)- so I figured another visit an indifferent Derm might help.
Anyway- check out some of my posts, especially the ones regarding Tea Tree Oil. Like Deirdre's hubby I put it right on my affected spots, and it clears them up faster than anything else. Take heed of Fish's warning though guys. USE ONLY 100% PURE AUSTRALIAN TEA TREE OIL. Try Swanson Vitamins online- it's on sale as a matter of fact this month, just stocked up $3 something per bottle.
 As far as your discovery with the vinegar, no news to me. Apple Cider Vinegar has been used since the dawn of time to combat Vulvovaginal yeast infections. Everytime one comes around from stress or antibiotics, I wash daily down there to speed up healing time, and alleviate the itch.
In regard to your query on having a systemic yeast infection, it can possibly be so. Many of my early posts talk about how I take TwinLab Yeast Fighters. They contain Caprylic Acid, Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic, and P'au De Arco. These ingredients are the top all natural yeast fighting supplements out there. Since I have been taking the Yeast Fighters, I have noticed dramatic improvement with my skin, GI tract, and energy level. I have also noticed a decrease in sugar cravings, and pain in my TMD (which may be related to my new reduced stress lifestyle). Many things can create an overgrowth of yeast in the body. Too much sugar or carbohydrates(one and the same), too much stress, not allowing the body enough time to rest, poor digestion, use of antibiotics at least 3X per year- the list goes on and on! I chose the YF, because they were as close to natural as it gets, and are safe for a long term use tonic. Maybe you should give it a shot. has them for only $13.00 a bottle-30 day supply. Be Well, and Good Luck! :up:

Hi Murena,

I tried to answer this yesterday and SkinCell timed out while I was writing the post so today I'll be brief.

1) Lichen planus is *not* fungal. It is mysterious, but it can be identified under a microscope and it is not fungal. Tea tree oil is wonderful stuff for many conditions but it can be an irritant so I'd strongly advise you to give it a pass.

2) There is some confusion about LP and yeast/candida/thrush as the steroids used to treat severe OLP can cause thrush (just like the steroidal inhalers used for asthma). The thrush can be more unpleasant than the OLP, which is why so many doctors are reluctant to prescribe topical steroids in the mouth.

3) If you do want to try herbal remedies, my choices for LP and OLP woould be:

a) for LP of the skin, capsaicin cream, which is sold under various brand names. In Canada I find Zostrix. It is teh hot stuff in chili peppers. YOu can buy the cream in two strenths. Buy the MILDER one, read the package insert before applying it, do a test patch, and discuss capsaicin with your doctor t odetermine an approprite protocol (My dermatologist was all for my trying it but insisted I space it midway between steroid cream applications, to lessen the chance of it stinging, and also, to doa few control patches with and without, on my back (husband applying) to see if it helped. I do nt stop using the steroid cream when I use the capsaicin.

b) for OLP I would suggest trying food grade, debittered aloe vera gel. It tatses awful but has amazing healing powers (hospitals use aloe on burn patients). Fill an eggcup with aloe vera, swish it around in your mouth for aminute or so, swallow it and then don't eat or drink anything for a while, to give it a chance to help heal your tissues. It tastes awful but is very soothing (aloe vera is also avalable in liquid. It tastes no better than the gel and doesn't adhere as well so I'd go with gel. Keep it in the fridge to help dull the wretched taste).

4) If you are worried about devloping trrush buy some acidophilus from a reputable health food store. Only buy a brand that has been kept in the refrigerator and also has a best by date on it. Or eat an acidophilus-rich brand of yogurt.

5) Lichen planus is not a histamine reaction, however I find that it does seem to itch less when I use certain anthistamines. Different brands contain different ingredients in different places. Here in Canada I use Reactine and Benadryl. Benadryl in the UK contains totally different ingredients, but you might find the Nortgh American version packaged as sleep aid Nytol. You can check the chemical names of bothproducts online (my daughtter is ill and napping and I don't want to wake her or I'd go check). I'm not sure why it helps, but it does... and it may have helped with my OLP. Essentially, the antihistamines that seem to help with LP are the same ones that pharmacists and doctorsrecommend to ease the itch of chicken pox (which is also not a histamine reaction).

6) Stress and hormonal cycles both seem to be factors in flare-ups. Consider trying Evening Primrose Oil as the GLS it contains is helpful in relieving many PMS symptoms. I am not religiu about taking it and when I don't there are times I regret it. Obviously stress happens and there is little one can realistically do t elminate tress from one's life, but you can find ways to cope with stress that do not manifest thjemselves on your skin.

7) Have you visited the LP support group It is an amazing site. Not chatty and chummy and uplifting like SkinCell (which I also recommend highly, but you have found it already ;)), but for solid medical tips, advice, etc. There is a link on the home page to email DR. Nancy Burhart. She is wonderful about answering questions. If you have not checked out the Baylor site (URL above) please do as it is such an excellent resource.
I am really, really glad that the treatment you've been prescribed is helping!  :up:



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