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Sebaceous Hyperplasia
« on: Monday August 30, 2010, 12:47:52 AM »
Hello All!

From time to time, I receive direct messages inquiring as to my recent success with Sebaceous Hyperplasia, and I wanted to take a moment to share what has produced positive results, in total, so that fellow travellers may pick and choose therefrom!

Current Day:  I have been eruption-free for about 6+ months...  I just look like a normal 52 year-old guy, with normal facial skin.  I hope that the following is useful to fellow-travelers who suffer from the same condition.

History:  I started the S/H outbreaks about 7 years ago.  Scrubbing did no good.  I tried the acne products that they advertise on TV to NO avail.  I finally broke down and went to a dermatologist in SLC, UT who diagnosed me with Sebaceous Hyperplasia...

I tried laser treatments over and over again, at $350 per treatment, but the exact same lesions would return time after time... very depressing.

Finally, I decided to switch derms, and Dr. Forsha is more inclined to use a hyfrecator (electro-zapper) for S/H than a laser, as he believes that the hyfrecator produces better results for S/H.

I did a couple of hyfrecator sessions with him which were no better than the laser... the same lesions came back within a month or so...

Happily, I showed up for a session with Dr. Forsha's PA-C (Physician Assistant-Certified) who was far more aggressive with my case.

He instructed the Medical Assistant/Nurse how to hyfrecate each lesion and then firmly express/evulse each one with a comedone extractor, which is a stainless-steel loop which evulses serious amounts of oil and trapped dirt, according to the MA who was doing the procedure.  (Yuk)

Yes, I scabbed like a banshee for a week or so, and YES, being out in public was kinda stressful.  I looked like I had been shot in the face with a shotgun, so I alleviated the embarrassment by telling folks that I had just recently been bird-hunting with Dick Cheney!!!  ;D

Hugh (PA-C) went beyond just what had been prescribed for me before (laser/hyfrecator), and Rxed me to be on Tazorac with the precaution that I should use it VERY sparingly, as "it'll take the hide off of a saddle, if you use it too much" (literal quote).

Therefore, I use Tazorac Gel about every 2nd or 3rd day, in very small amounts, in the areas which erupted prior.

On my own, I have elected to add some therapies/modalities which appear to be contributing to success with my situation:

I ordered me a ClariSonic skin care scrubber, and yes, I use it with Dawn dishwashing liquid, in order to cut the overload of oil that my skin produces. 

Even though the ClariSonic's perceived action is very subtle and its brush is very soft, DO NOT underestimate it's ability to remove facial skin!  Clarisonic will, very subtly, take off quite a bit of skin!

I do NOT use ClariSonic and Tazorac on the same day!  That would give me a face-wide scab!  Beware!

I mix them up and alternate at random, where I get a dose of Clarisonic/Dawn or Tazorac every 3rd day or so.

On most days, when I remember to do so, I use SeaBreeze Astringent cleanser with those circular pads to clean my face.  I am routinely astonished at how much dirt comes off on those pads.

I hope that the above serves as a "one-stop-shop" for anyone who also suffers from Sebaceous Hyperplasia, and helps to alleviate your stress.

I am still ready and willing to reply to anyone who suffers from S/H, in order to offer encouragement, but I thought I would try to describe to anyone interested what has transpired with me and how I am coping, and still 6+ months free of S/H outbreaks.

Please, anyone who suffers from Sebaceous Hyperplasia, do not hesitate to contact me thru this website!  I suffered in silence for WAY too long, and I would willingly reach back to a fellow traveler!

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