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Hydrogen Peroxide on Jock Itch (tinea fungus)?



I'm wondering about the use of hydrogen peroxide on jock itch.

[Problem History]
I have a terrible fungus problem all around my groin for about 5 months now. I've been to the doctor 3 times. The first told me to use miconozole, the second gave me a one-time pill and some sort of steroid cream but at that time things were very calmed down.

Since then I had another terrible outbreak and the doctor told me to use Lamisil and gave me a prescription for nystat powder.

It started while working in the heat and I got a terrible heat rash and continued going to work until it was like the skin had rubbed off and the pain was excruciating to the point I laid down all day and night for over a week.

I have tried every home remedy that I know of: tea tree oil, garlic, apple cider vinegar (which actually did knock it back enough to get a handle on it once), bleach, selsun blue, I might be forgetting one or two.

Outbreaks rage like crazy and it oozes profusely (lke a hard sweat on a really hot day)  24 hours a day and it takes about a week for the oozing to finally stop.
[End Problem History]

I have found that hydrogen peroxide knocks it way back fast but does not seem to cure it.

An odd thing seems to happen when I use the creams maybe especially with miconozole (or is it possible miconozole makes it worse or the fungus is immune to it?)...

I apply hydrogen peroxide at least twice a day, sometimes diluted, sometimes full strength (3% drug store brand) depending on the severity of the fungus that day. Sometimes I can use full strength with very little pain, other days it is excruciating.

Anyway, the peroxide really "lights up" the fungal areas. It burns worse in the more infected locations. If the fungus is bad I can see it fizzing on the surface. But what troubles me is sometimes I see bright white (blisters) under the skin. Which seems to happen more when I use the creams.

They aren't really blisters but I think they are a bad fungus growth in the sweat glands and the peroxide gets in there and fizzes which makes it very visible.

It is very painful when this happens but the peroxide seems to kill it off and the "blisters" (for lack of a better word) usually are gone the next day though the area will be sore and raw feeling for about a day.

My question is...

Is using the peroxide like this a bad thing to do? It seems to work in the short term at least and keep things knocked back. I have tried not using it but the fungus seems to spread even when using various off-the-shelf creams and I return to it.

I even bathe in it putting 1 cup into the bath water with a little tea tree oil.

The worst areas are slowly diminishing and it is backed up into the hardest to treat areas which are the skin to skin deep crotch folds and where skin rubs, and the dreaded scrotum outbreaks which I dearly try to prevent. Some on my backside too.

I have not tried the nystat prescription yet and kind of wonder if a powder would work for long before being sweated away.

This is very long so I don't know if anyone will read it but thank you very much if you can shed any light on it.

Wow. First off, that sounds miserable - guh.

Second, I'm sorry it took me so long to respond! The holidays are kicking in early for me, and so I'm a bit swamped.

Third, I would really, really go and see a dermatologist if you haven't already. You didn't say what kind of doctor you sent to see. General practitioners are more accessible, but from personal experience and reading posts here, they don't know squat about skin disorders.

Finally, good luck.


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