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rash almost gone but still itchy
Its been 3 months since I first broke out in a very itchy rash. My GP said he thinks its psoriaisis and referred me to a dermatologist which I have not seen yet.  The rash is 99% gone. I still have raised dry areas on my back that are slowly going away. The weird thing is that mostly at night I am still very itchy in places where there is no rash at all.  I have discovered Gold Bond extra strength medicated lotion/ I love it. It feels very cool and soothing and gives me enough relief that I can fall asleep for awhile.

My question is to psoriasis sufferers. Does this still sound like it may be psoriasis? Thank you.
rash is coming back ..not that anyone seems interested
hiya onely,
Sorry to hear ur rash is coming back, i wish i could give you some advice but, i don't have (p). Your best bet is to see the Derm to find out what is actually going on. Good luck to you :bighug:

Take Care,
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