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Rash that looks like scratch marks?
About a week ago, I started getting what looks like scratches on my face about an inch and a half long.  Two were next to my nose and one on my chin.  I dont know what it is, but I assume its some kind of rash.  Itching is minor to non-existant, though so Im not sure. 

Im 28 and this hasnt happened until now.  Its not from shaving because I dont really shave those areas (I cant grow a beard).  Any idea what it can be?  I couldnt find anything online.
Hi Legin,

Did you wake up with those scratches on your face? Maybe you scratched yourself in your sleep. Hope you find out what it is :)

Welcome to SkinCell.
Might be ring worm or some other sort of skin infection. (Those are ideas, not positive at all)
I usually notice them when I wake up, but three in one week seems unlikely.  And ring worm seems to be a circular pattern.  These are straight and just look like scratches.
Well, yes, I was implying you may have a rash that might itch and cause you to scratch it unconsciously in your sleep. I think you should see a derm, maybe they can give you a proper dx :)
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