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Perioral dermatitis - new person to boards!

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Hi CJC ::)
I am a hairstylist in Canada
Now I am not a doctor but I had many customers who had a very simmilar problem.  I got them on a shampoo called nizoral.   It has been found that sometimes (this sounds gross but) mites grow under the scalp and cause little infections under the scalp.  It has helped many people.  I thought maybe this could help.  Follow the instructions, it is quite strong you can't use it every day. I hope that helps, ??? no harm in trying
Katja :hi:    (this can be used sparingly on the body too)

Hi. I have perioral derm too. Its good that your doc gave you the oxytetracyline, I have been taking it for over a year but it really works. It may take time but keep at it. Whatever you do don't use steroid cream! Don't bother with the SLS and toothpaste stuff, tried all that and doesnt have any effect, its just companies trying to sell you SLS free products etc. I also changed my pill but didnt have much effect either. Consider a food intolerance test, when I cut out the foods I was allergic to my POD disappered after 2 years of spottiness. Keep at the antibiotics, it will go eventualy trust me! Good luck!

Hi all - Twig and Puss

Thanks for the encouragement!  I have been on the antibiotics for 2 weeks now and its really helped - am not wearing any makeup now and its hardly noticeable - only if you scrutinise my skin!!!  I've got to take them for another 4 weeks.  I am gradually introducing everything back into my routine one by one, ie swimming, sunbeds, sauna, toothpaste etc.  So far so good!!!  One of the false tans I used made it flare up so I've thrown that one away!!  Does anyone know what sort of an effect sunshine has on it as I've got a hot holiday coming up.  Also, I'm concerned about the length of time on these antibiotics - ie does it just come straight back once the anti's are finished?  The reason is, that you cant get pregnant on them as it has an effect on the babys teeth, and whilst its not top of my priorities at the moment, I am nearly 34...... you know what I'm saying!!!!

Hi CJC :hi:

Glad everything is improving for you :D

Hi CJC! :hi: I had POD for about 6 months last year, and have had similar experiences to you (was told to use hydrocortisone). My Dr completely ignored me telling her my two previous outbreaks had been cured by antibiotics, and only gave in when I went to her armed with photos and case histories, most of which I found via Skincell! Within a week, I was  improving, I stopped taking them after 4 weeks (as recommended by my dermatologist), and I've been fine ever since. :)
That was eight months ago, and I wil never use steroids on my face again.


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