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Skin Complaints and Skin Disorders / Re: Schamberg's?
« Last post by davidgale on Tuesday July 17, 2018, 02:33:46 PM »
Any updates?
Looking for a Schambergs remedy as well.
Skin Complaints and Skin Disorders / Re: Granuloma Annulare
« Last post by aggravated on Tuesday July 10, 2018, 04:47:32 PM »
After 20 years, I am very happy to report that my granuloma annulare has disappeared! I had it on my hands, stomach, and ankles. Not sure exactly why it is gone, but this is what I was doing during the time it disappeared:

Diet: mostly low carbohydrates, drastically reduced any sugar and flour. I eat about a third of my foods organic.
Supplements: taking tumeric,  and vitamins B & D as well as a daily overall vitamin.

Other benefits besides the amazing removal of the granuloma annulare are that I took off about 15 pounds and I am now a healthy weight. Also my Hgba1c levels are normal (before I was diabetic).
Skin Complaints and Skin Disorders / Re: Granuloma Annulare
« Last post by newyawkgirl on Saturday July 07, 2018, 07:19:13 PM »
I had GA for 5 years. I tried everything, read all the forums. I finally found a dr who told me she suspected it was wheat. I had no reason to think wheat, it didn't give me stomach issues. She said maybe the pesticides on the wheat. Anyway, I reluctantly cut wheat and within 6 weeks I saw remarkable improvement. I am now GA free. In retrospect I realize the GA started when I switched to whole grain bread. The good news I can still eat white bread and pizza with no issue. Though  try to be careful even with that. I don't know if this is the answer for everyone, but it was the answer for me. I hope this helps someone.
Skin Complaints and Skin Disorders / Re: Grover's disease
« Last post by TomA on Wednesday June 27, 2018, 02:24:07 AM »
I'm glad these things are working for you. The good news is that Grover's usually only lasts 6-12 months for most people. Hopefully, yours will fit into this category. Best of luck.
Skin Complaints and Skin Disorders / Re: Grover's disease
« Last post by jbecker on Wednesday June 27, 2018, 01:54:57 AM »
Hi everyone!
This is my first post. I hope my experience helps someone. This is my story. I am a 60 year old male of European descent. I live in Mexico City. My skin has always been very sensitive. For many years we spent vacations in the sun and as a result my skin was severely damaged. Since I was 30, I started developing literally dozens of basal cell carcinomas that where treated every year by my dermatologist. Eight years ago, she discovered a melanoma at a very early stage and removed it completely. Three months ago, I developed a rash in my torso and my back. Itching was unbearable. My dermatologist diagnosed the problem as Grover's and confirmed it later with a biopsy. She prescribed prednisone but did not help. She said I needed to be patient. After a month I got a horrible flare up, for several days I could not sleep, the burning and itching was very bad.
Then I found this forum and spent long hours reading what helped others who were suffering like me. After trying several things, the products that help me more to control the symptoms are:

1 Cerave itch relief moisturizing cream.
2 Rescue cream by Bach.
3 Essential coconut oil by Doterra.
4 Pomada de la Campana. (This was my wife's idea. It is a moisturizing cream enriched with vitamins A and E. It's made in Mexico and has been around for years, it is easily available on the web)

I apply the four products freely on the affected areas alternating or combining them two or three times a day.

But most important, I believe, thanks to you guys on this forum, two weeks ago I started taking Vitamin 3D, 5000 IU per day. Today, my back is totally clear, and my front is probably 50% better. The itching is way down, and I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I hope my experience helps. Good luck to all. !!!!
Skin Complaints and Skin Disorders / Re: Pityriasis Lichenoides Chronica
« Last post by skindiseasesucks on Wednesday June 20, 2018, 12:08:42 AM »
Hello Everyone,

Does anyone still frequent this board?  After 8 years of being in remission, I had another "episode."  I am currently battling it with sun exposure/tanning and a complete overhaul of my diet.  I've been on the autoimmune protocol diet for 18 days now.  I will post updates and results if I am successful this time around.  Has anyone else had success with changing their diet?  I have also started to take supplements to improve my gut health.  I've battled acid reflux and other stomach issues for some time now.

I hope everyone is doing well!   :)
Skin Complaints and Skin Disorders / Re: Grover's disease
« Last post by Maestrofred on Saturday May 19, 2018, 03:23:53 PM »
Greetings, everyone.  Since I last posted I have been skin tested for allergies and most recently I began seeing a new dermatologist.  When she looked at my arms she wasn't convinced that Grovers was my only problem.  She suggested that I do the following:.

1) begin using detergent brand ALL free and clear
2) stop using any type of dryer sheets and no wool balls in the dryer as well
3) and use moisturizer creams with Ceramides

Since I started doing these things the spots have begub to go away, so hopefully my Grovers is finally coming to an end, hopefully, and my problem now is more of an allergic reaction.  I had been using Arm & Hammer free and clear detergent but the ALL brand seems to be doing the trick.  Maybe this will help some of you. 
Skin Complaints and Skin Disorders / Re: Grover's disease
« Last post by Teacherchick on Thursday May 10, 2018, 11:51:32 PM »
I havenít posted in a few years. Iíve now had two biopsies in separate states that diagnosed my condition as Groverís. Iíve tried many medications. My Groverís started on my legs. I do have it on my arms and shoulders as well. Currently, I am on Doxycycline and Calcipotriene Cream. I also take Oxybutynin (a bladder medicine that I take ONLY for one side effect, which is lack of sweating, since my Groverís seems to be triggered by sweat).  My spots seem to be under control for the time being. Unfortunately, I am now covered in scars from the disease. It looks like I am extremely freckled on my legs, arms, and chest until you get up close and can see the shiny red/brown spots. It is extremely embarrassing. Have any of you experienced the scarring? Iíve had this condition for nearly 7 years now. My hope of the spots fading is not high. Iíve even tried laser, with no luck removing the spots. While I am thankful to have it under control for now, it sure is depressing to see the damage it has done to my skin.
Skin Complaints and Skin Disorders / Re: PMLE interesting connection
« Last post by SharonBlaine on Wednesday May 09, 2018, 06:48:10 AM »
In my advice, you will best way to use the sunblock.
Skin Complaints and Skin Disorders / Re: Grover's disease
« Last post by Jamielee on Tuesday May 01, 2018, 06:17:46 PM »
Hello everyone.  First of all I must say think you for all of the fantastic information located in these pages. It is so wonderful to see that I am not suffering alone.

I was diagnosed with Grovers last year after a biopsy by my dermatologist.  He was completely baffled as was I.  That's ok. On a path toward recovery/management of symptoms hopefully.

I am a 39 year old female. Cali baby so I have been in the sun my whole life, but always with sunscreen.  The Grovers is still on my stomach, but my shoulders and back are clear at the moment. I am taking Vitamin D (as I have been for awhile - mine was not even registering last time I had blood work done). I also use a salacylic acid scrub daily on my stomach (typically used for acne). I follow that with Aczone (an acne cream) every other day. It helps to keep the itchies at bay. I work out regularly but sweat and heat does not seem to irritate my grovers. Nothing in particular seems to irritate it - it just comes and goes at its own pace. The marks that are left behind are what really depress me about the whole thing.

I hope to continue learning more and more about the disease.  I saw a lot of discussion regarding mercury levels and a possible correlation, but I am allergic to seafood and have no fillings in my teeth, so I am not sure if this would apply to me.
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