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Let me introduce myself ... / Re: Miscellany
« Last post by anthropositor on Saturday April 04, 2020, 06:47:40 AM »
We are challenged.  We are in disarray.  We have our dogmas.  Cults proliferate in confusion.  We will need great skill and patience to even make sense of the complex array of survival challenges we need to meet, and will need to struggle with in the decades to come. 

We have insufficient ventilators and personal protective equipment.  Our beleaguered medics and nurses will soon be overwhelmed, suffering far more casualties in their ranks because of the actions of one resident who believes himself to be the leader of the world, with an entourage of sycophantic fanatics, fully entrenched and doing his bidding with enthusiasm, if not ability.

I would commend to you all, a book by Naomi Klein called The Shock Doctrine.  It will present to you the central existential dilemma we now face.  It is of personal consequence to us all.  It is immediately available as an E-book delivered to your computer instantly.  Let me know here what you think of the book, and what it did for you.
Let me introduce myself ... / Re: Miscellany
« Last post by Gobe on Thursday April 02, 2020, 10:50:29 AM »
Let me introduce myself ... / Re: Miscellany
« Last post by anthropositor on Thursday April 02, 2020, 03:55:29 AM »
This Fool's Day appropriately honors one of the greatest in these singularly troubled times.  resident rump is not alone.  Half the world is led by nationalist, populist regimes just as shortsighted as he.  Many practice extra-judicial killings outside their national borders to achieve their ends.  We are all in jeopardy.  Give us this day, and in the coming months and years, enough good sense to survive and overcome our collective shortcomings.  Seek truth, justice and equality where ever it is to be found.  Amen.
The Social Club / Re: The SkinCell Quiz!
« Last post by totalfolly on Wednesday March 25, 2020, 10:58:44 AM »
I tried to do the SC quiz some months ago but couldn't sign on because I didn't remember my password.   ???
Psoriasis Board / Re: Weird Question
« Last post by Gobe on Tuesday March 24, 2020, 07:34:49 PM »
Can't win eh Andy!

I also hope everyone on here stays safe and keeps well.
The Social Club / Re: The SkinCell Quiz!
« Last post by andyb on Tuesday March 24, 2020, 11:57:29 AM »
Results for Today's Game General Knowledge 5 : Difficult
The SkinCell Daily Quiz

Questions correct: 10 / 10
You took 61 seconds to complete this quiz.
Total score: 939

Well some good guesses there it seems :D
Psoriasis Board / Re: Weird Question
« Last post by andyb on Tuesday March 24, 2020, 07:52:08 AM »
I too have been enjoying much better skin health since I got older.

Although of course it's starting to wrinkle instead....

Hope y'all are keeping well

Stay well :)
Hospitals are overwhelmed already in many countries, and on the verge in many others.  Central to this is blithering ineptitude and mismanagement and wishful thinking on the part of just about everybody, everywhere.  However spongy the facts are that we are dealing with, we must face some hard realities.  Entrenched bureaucracies and dictatorships and fanatical elements are not making things better.  They are making things much, much worse.

China really screwed up in the last months of last year.  The U.S. too squandered many precious weeks with wishful thinking and ineptitude, which is, itself, of epidemic proportions.  Our physicians and our politicians are totally out of their depth.  Some of them even know it, but are just overwhelmed.  I'll cite some examples on Miscellany in the Let Me Introduce Myself section later, as I find the time.

If you are very old, or otherwise infirm, particularly if your respiratory system has taken some heavy flak over the decades, as mine has, decisive action can, and very likely will save you.  Hoping for the best and doing nothing will very likely kill you.  Here are the things that I am doing now, every day.  It is not an onerous list.  I am 79 and have modified my schedule sharply.  I work mostly at home now.  That is to say, I used to teach chess, for many years, in extremely crowded venues, going back to the 1960's.  My other studies no longer take me to the local University, as they previously did, for many years.  My wife is 83 and works in an environment often thronged with people.  Not ideal.

I used to regularly go to two cocktail bars a week, one on Tuesdays and one on Saturdays.  I consumed a pint or two of beer or ale, or a couple of goblets of wine, after which I would play speed chess with some of my students, tell stories, and read amid these boisterous Congregants of said Saloons, and otherwise have a good time and make some money.   Today, I may go to one of those places in a given month, have a shot of bourbon, say hi and bye, and am gone in a few minutes.  In effect, this is my method of self-quarantining.  It will go on for the foreseeable future.  I now play perhaps a few hundred rapid chess games a week on the internet.

I consume 6 grams of Vitamin C or more, spaced out throughout the day.

I swab my nasal passages with a q-tip style swab containing butter or cooking oil as high as the swab will comfortably reach.  I always do this before going out into the world.  I often do this five times a day at home, in honor of the dangers of Corona Virus.

I consume a pinch of crystalline potassium iodide in an ounce of water two or three times a day.  The iodide gets taken up by the thymus, the thyroid and several other organs, resulting in greater resistance to infectious disease in general.  It also kills germs in the mouth better than any mouthwash.  Most people in the world consume half or less of the iodide they need.  But no tincture of iodine!  If it stains brown do not put it in your mouth!  A pinch of potassium iodide in an ounce of water will be crystal clear.  If you can taste it in your saliva a while later, make the pinch smaller, and stop for a few days.

I drink clear water sufficient to stay well-hydrated.  I sleep 7-9 hours a day.

I wash my hands 10-20 times a day under a stream or spray of fresh water.  I do not use soap or antibacterial lotions.  Rub your hands vigorously under the stream or spray for half a minute.  Once in a while, you can wipe your hands with household vinegar.  Dry them well with a tissue.  This will teach you well to keep your hands away from your eyes.  Your eyelids themselves will be slightly irritated, which will remind you quite nicely to keep your hands away from your eyes, which are another route of infection for Corona Virus.

Do these things in remembrance of me.
Psoriasis Board / Re: Weird Question
« Last post by Gobe on Friday March 06, 2020, 09:26:13 AM »
Not a weird question Bri. It is one I have been pondering as well since my eczema has also been gone for years now apart from one tiny patch on the crease of my arm. In my case I think it is down to hormonal changes (being an older women of a certain age). I did develop late onset asthma two years ago and I have no idea why but I do recall my Doc telling me years ago that I probably would become asthmatic due to the triad of illnesses most atopic people like myself have (eczema, hay fever, asthma).
Psoriasis Board / Re: Weird Question
« Last post by totalfolly on Thursday March 05, 2020, 11:57:22 AM »

Excuse me for yelling, but it's good to see you.

Regarding your question, could it just be part of the aging process?

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