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You folks in the west coastal states face some pretty severe smoke conditions for the foreseeable future, said by some to be the equivalent of smoking several hundred cigarettes per day.  Please, please, please consider using these nasal filter wedges, to moderate the respiratory impact of such intense pollution on your lungs.  Those of you who can, make them for others, especially all the emergency workers, firefighters, heroes and victims.  I guarantee you will make things better by far for those you can convince to use them.  Do it by example.

Those in the rest of America; some of this smoke is going to impact you too.  Don't let it weaken you!  You are not victims.  You are survivors.  Just do this, and tell your doctor on me.  Anthropositor
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« Last post by anthropositor on Sunday September 13, 2020, 08:57:13 PM »
Life is a fevered dream, more or less.  We literally must believe in something!  I too MUST.  I was born in total darkness.  I "know" I had dreamed already of light, surely.  Of what use is that?  It would take an extended time to learn to focus, to be able to use that light in a way that might be useful.  Words too were unavailable to me.  Even the word I.  I wasn't even an I at that time.  Just a protoplasm with hopes and dreams and fears too vague to comprehend.  Hope?  What's that?  Just a feature of some promise, which may or may not be an illusion.

Time had been around for a while but had been unnoticed until the one in charge rapped me on the bottoms of my feet, requiring me to gasp my first breath, and to let it out explosively, with great indignation and sound, which was for me, my biggest indicator that I was in a new place, and things weren't always going to be nice.  Immediately following, I was circumcised, which the most learned among us believed would be of negligible inconvenience, and since I was not yet even a sentient and consenting creature, or at least a trusting one, whose indignation would never be remembered later anyway.

These may well have been useful surprises as it happens.  I was told years later, that my elder brother, only four at the time, greeted me upon my first entry to our household, with a sock to the head.  I suspect I was as rude a surprise to my elder siblings (a sister too, seven) as they were to me.

There is always the unexpected.  We do live in very unexpected times, don't we?  Armageddon was first conceived in ancient times.  As a concept, it has never gone out of style.  I know a great many people who literally look forward to it.  Eagerly.  Prayerfully.  Devoutly.  As something to be sought!  Suicidally, even.  In the Cold War, our nuclear war aspirations were presided over by an outfit in Texas named Pentex that did things like purifying plutonium and endlessly producing atomic warheads, when we and our enemies already had enough to destroy Mother Earth and all its' creatures many times over.  I am told that most of the workers they employed were born-againers, happy with the prospect that  Armageddon was made more immediate and real.

I was going to make a riff.  Free style jazz in words.  Like a jam session.  I do like jazz.  I do not like it when it follows no set of rules that I can wrap my head around.  Abrupt discordancies that do not follow the rules at least skeletally, that I particularly have become comfortable with, I reject categorically.  Not because I want to.  I have to.  Thus ends this attempted riff.  Anthropositor
Starting at the point, I pulled it slowly apart until I had almost, but not quite made two pieces, laid it neatly back together again, inserted it in the paperclip exactly as before, and inserted the filter with its' fluffier interior and doubled filtering capacity into the nasal passage.  Mission accomplished.  The fluff and wisps are all in the interior, but the filtration has been effectively doubled.  Anthropositor.
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« Last post by anthropositor on Saturday August 22, 2020, 02:19:47 AM »
One way or another, perhaps we are all members of the cults of expertise.  There are many of them.  They often blend in ways that are incompatible.  We can be completely blind to the inconsistencies.  I thought, for a very long time, that Archimedes was the brightest of the bright.  But his brilliance never blossomed beyond his technical inventiveness and imagination.  How could this singular genius not attain wisdom?  I don't think it even occurred to him that it was missing.  He successfully worked for the "tyrant of Syracuse."  He got stuck in his engineering specialties, and  never broadened out.   As far as I can tell, Archimedes never gave a thought about the moral fiber of his rulers' regime.  Nevertheless, he produced incredibly effective weapons for his city-state.

We are in the middle of several great crises which will not wait until our leadership decides they are even real.  What could possibly go wrong?
In reality, nothing is perfect.  If you are an inventor or other sort of theorist, it is not a bad idea to keep this in mind, and to continue to seek out ways of making subtle improvements to whatever it is that you are working to develop or improve.

The original combed, embossed and stamped out 2" round cotton pads that produced eight little pointed pizza-shaped pieces, each comprising an eighth of the arc of the pad were manufactured in Mexico, and were in the price range that even impoverished people in rather dire circumstances would be able to manage.  I used sharp, but economical scissors to cut the little wedges.

I noticed that during use, and in the insertion using the insertion clip, that little wisps of cotton could be generated at the edges.  I wondered if products from other suppliers in other countries could produce less wisps or little tufts at the edges.  I thought it would be prudent to check at least a sampling of some of the competing pads.  I won't list the countries of manufacture whose product was evaluated, unless there is something of interest to say about that particular product.

One such product was of Turkish origin at perhaps three times the net cost for the pads.  They had none of the wispy edges that I thought could possibly cause a slight possibility of a problem.  So I put them through their paces, ignoring the geopolitical elements of the situation.  They were not germane.

I concluded that they were indeed Wisp and tuft free, which was really good, but that they did not seem to be as effective in the filtration of the air passing through to the lungs.  The material was not humidifying and slowly puffing out into the confines of the nasal channel, a feature that was really of central importance.  It just was not doing the filtration as well.  How could I improve it?

Some of this kind of work is done in my sleep, where my unconscious can take charge, so to speak.  It is a sort of goal-oriented, adventurous dreaming seeking the why of it... and how to fix it.  I came up with nothing for several days.  Then I had a quite abstract dream in which I was exploring the cotton fibers of the two filters.  The Turkish product was denser, perhaps doubly so.  How could I fix it, and still not produce the wisps and tiny tufts that I wanted to avoid?  Suffice it to say, I started to play around with the Turkish filter while I was awake, and finished solving it.  How?  Any ideas?  Anthropositor
General Health / Re: Understanding Medical Terminology
« Last post by anthropositor on Monday August 17, 2020, 06:45:34 AM »
Clearly, with the anti-urgency or leakage pills costing about $15 each daily dose, I needed to find out why this manufacturer had prominent package warnings against doing any modifications of the dose, as if something dire might occur with a fractional dose, or maybe the pill powdered fine in my mortar and pestle, and divided into seven doses at $2.15 each, brought them closer to within our economic reach.  It turns out they didn't taste disgusting, and that they still had the desired effect.  Yet that 25mg tablet was the smallest dose that could be obtained.  The pharmaceutical firm also provided 50mg tablets, at presumably about twice the cost.  Do I trust the company in any particular way?  No, I do not.  Would I buy said pills for my Honey and mill them to bring them closer to our economic circumstances?  Yes, I would, if this patented product was superior to the competing products, and there were no alternate means of relief, which, as it happens, is not the case.  Anthropositor
General Health / Re: Understanding Medical Terminology
« Last post by anthropositor on Sunday August 16, 2020, 01:48:41 AM »
Maybe 8 or ten years ago, my wife and myself were attended by a physician who was also the mother of one of my chess students.  I had met her when my esteemed ophthalmologist sent me for a general physical prior to the two scheduled eye operations which I now hold so dear.  I remember giving her one of Malcolm Gladwell's books that I happened to have with me.  I can no longer remember which one.

For her part, my wife wanted me to interface with the physician, sum up her history, and so on.  Since I could not always count on being available in future visits, I especially did want to see the physician and my Honey interact and engage in their own intercommunication.  Long story short, at one point, Honey says, she has some difficulty with urgency sometimes when she is working.  Roxanne says, "I've got something you can use for that, see how it works."  As an aside, she indicated it was a bit pricey.   She hands us two sample boxes each containing seven tablets.  Let's call them Qirtebrym 25mg, Once-daily.  Swallow tablet whole.  Do not cut, crush. or chew tablet.  Now, I had already hit it off pretty well with this physician over several years, so I said "In case she likes them, just go ahead and write her a prescription for a months worth."   Back in our town, I went to the pharmacist.  "How much?  It came to a shade over $400!  Clearly the good doctor had not internalized the straits and strictures affecting our survival and survivability that we were living under.  And I doubt she has any idea.
Phlegm is best clear and thin enough to easily expectorate.  If it is off-white or some shade of yellow, it is time to observe it more closely for further changes in color; pale green, dark green, with spots or streaks of blood, bright red (fresh) or darker brown (older).  Save a specimen and call your doctor, if you happen to have one on retainer, to see what he might suggest.

If you take a deep breath which produces a gurgle in your throat, and you can't readily cough it up, and postural drainage does not improve things, you need to thin it by whatever means.  If it is both thick and fibrous, you do need to get it moving.  A pinch of potassium iodide crystals in two gulps of water is a good start.  A 400mg tablet of guafenesin, chased with a glass of water, is a good second step.  No more than four pinches of KI and/or four tablets of guafenesin in a 24 hour day.  Do your best not to let your snot kill you.  Live long and prosper.  Anthropositor
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« Last post by anthropositor on Saturday August 15, 2020, 09:48:38 PM »
What we have here is a failure to communicate!  That line, like many we all use, comes from fiction, but exposes many hidden truths.  We have been living within a cascading crescendo of cacophony
and chaos now, for years and years.  It has taken an inestimable toll on all of us, but it is not uniform in any way.  Life has always had its' uncertainties, but this particular inflection point seems, more and more, to be literally insane.  It is the product of diverse and incompatible fanaticisms clashing.  Anthropositor pauses...
Let me introduce myself ... / Re: Miscellany
« Last post by anthropositor on Wednesday August 12, 2020, 08:09:10 PM »
My Honey is still showing subtle signs of improvement, including one, which could be held to be climactic.  Encouraging, to say the least.  Anthropositor.
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