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This is a Spanish translation of Post #239 detailing how they may make these nasal filters as a part of their defense against Covid-19, wherever in the world they may be, and whatever their circumstances.
Mi idea original, en marzo, era que, de una forma u otra, una espuma de células abiertas probablemente sería útil como mecanismo de filtración para los componentes microscópicos de la atmósfera terrestre. Mi intención era producir el par efectivo más pequeño de filtros de amplio espectro para su instalación en el colector de admisión respiratoria. Sí, así es, la nariz.

Quería un filtro fácil de instalar (y quitar), a un costo tan bajo, que pudiera quitarse y reemplazarse, muchas veces al día, incluso en entornos rurales, rústicos, silvestres u otros entornos hostiles, y aún estar dentro de los medios de esas poblaciones, sin importar qué otros desafíos puedan enfrentar.

Pasé unas semanas haciendo una lluvia de ideas con el puñado de artículos de espuma de células abiertas dentro y alrededor de la casa. Si bien no los he descartado, se me ocurrieron algunos problemas que necesitarán algunos ajustes. No hay tiempo para hacerlo! Simplificar. Simplificar. Lo mismo con las máscaras, protectores faciales, otros suministros de protección personal. Volveré sobre esto en la Sección Miscelánea.

Después de dejar de lado las espumas de células abiertas, fui al próximo candidato probable; algodón. Estar en cuarentena bastante perpetua no es impedimento para producir unas pocas docenas de variedades. Avance unas semanas. Imagine un disco de algodón peinado en relieve, de 2 pulgadas de diámetro, estampado de una hoja de algodón peinado de aproximadamente ocho pulgadas de grosor. Examina este disco. Tenga en cuenta el grano y el patrón, que recuerda las muescas en una galleta de soda. Ahora, con unas tijeras, córtalo por la mitad. Corta los dos medios discos de nuevo. Ahora tienes cuatro cuartos. Cortar cada uno de los que hacen octavos, exactamente como rebanadas de pizza. Cada una de esas rebanadas es un filtro nasal. Bien, todos, hagan una lluvia de ideas un poco. ¿Ahora que? qué hacemos? ¿Qué problemas tenemos que resolver? 
Skin Complaints and Skin Disorders / Re: Grover's disease
« Last post by Maestrofred on Yesterday at 03:39:03 PM »
My skin is about 95% clear now - after the dermatologist suggested to me to try the nickel-free diet my rashes all cleared up for the most part.  The hardest for me was having to give up chocolate, which is quite high in nickel.  Other items include whole grains, all legumes (including green beans), oats and other food groups, including shellfish.  If you think you might have an allergy to nickel do a Google search on the nickel-free diet on the MAYO Clinic website.  It’s worth a try - it sure helped me and if it helps just one more person on here it will be worth this post.  My Grover’s is officially gone and I thought that my rashes seemed to be different.  I don’t know if my Grover’s just mutated over to a nickel allergy or if it just went away on it’s own.
Let me introduce myself ... / Re: Miscellany
« Last post by anthropositor on Monday June 29, 2020, 09:45:10 AM »
I have taught some dozens of people the Covid-19 nasal filter production and insertion procedures (see the Prevention category in General Health) over the phone, same as here, with no helpful graphic visual aids.  Most seem to have gotten it pretty well.  Hard to know for sure though.  It is really a problem getting feedback on some of the odd difficulties that might occur.  Yet, what will increase the success of those who are doing it, is learning the few difficulties you might encounter when you come to the point of actually making them and using them.  On those occasions when I do get out and about, I do a demonstration by standing well back, pulling my mask down, removing and discarding the filters that have been in use for perhaps several hours, replacing them with fresh filters, so they see how quickly and simply it is done.

My time is limited, not only by the practical difficulties of our social distancing, not just while shopping for our necessities, but also in learning of some inconveniences they might encounter under some circumstances, and some of the happy prospects that are likely to be a pleasant surprise.

Today I was talking to a school bus driver.  Since the schools have been out these several months, he is still driving and delivering meals to the kids who had previously depended on the school cafeteria lunches as perhaps the linchpin of their daily nutrition.  Of course, he must wear a mask and gloves at all times.  He hates wearing the mask, and he definitely does not relish "jamming" anything up his nose.  I pointed out that there was no "jamming" involved as I inserted a fresh filter on both sides of my nose, taking at most a minute, and exaggerating the absolute delicacy, of my actions, like an airline steward stylistically demonstrating donning the oxygen masks, which would, in an emergency, drop down from above.  I went on to say, perhaps he had not fully expressed what was bothering him the most.

He said what do you mean?  I said, you wear glasses when you drive, don't you?  Yes.  And they fog up?  Yes.  I can fix that.  How?  Did they teach you how to wear your mask? No.  We just have to wear them at all times.  It's the rule.  But they didn't tell you how, right?  No, what's the point?  We are trying to prevent your glasses from fogging up while you are driving, right?  Yes.  Okay,  wear your mask not covering the bottom of your nose.  No one is going to notice and you have filters in anyway.  Also, at least 40% of people are wearing their masks incorrectly anyway, and don't know it.  You will see, your glasses are not going to fog up any more.  Problem solved.

There are times that I eat highly spiced Thai or Indonesian foods.  When I have inserted these cotton filter wedges prior to dining, the spiciness will cause nasal secretions to increase.  If I feel an urge to sneeze,  I do so, blasting out the saturated filters, wiping my nose and continuing to dine on the hot stuff, and not installing the new filter replacements until after dessert.  For those who have not deduced it, I also do not wear my mask while dining.  I do expect the Publlicans, bartenders and other servers to be wearing properly fitted masks, and maintaining proper social distance requirements. 
Let me introduce myself ... / Re: Miscellany
« Last post by anthropositor on Monday June 15, 2020, 02:14:05 AM »
Though I am experienced for 40 years in prevention of viral respiratory infections, there is still plenty of mystery as to exactly why it works as well as it does.  Even so, the mysteries surrounding the devastating complex of Corona viruses, are of a whole different order of magnitude and complexity than the evolving annual influenza outbreaks we have been coping with for a lifetime.

The complications have only begun to be enumerated, let alone clearly understood. We would be well advised to understand as we are able, and realize the vastness of what we do not know at all yet.

I engage in a variety of Tai Chi style of breathing that allows me to bring my respiration rate to 2.  That is to say, an in and out breath every thirty seconds.  Some respiratory specialists believe the rate of respiration should never go below 3, a breath every twenty seconds.  For me, there have been no deleterious effects of this practice at all.  I like it, but I do not believe it is as essential as the final intake filtration within the nasal passages as described herein (over on the Prevention Message).  A respiration of 2 does not cause any light-headedness in me, or any other difficulty.
Let me introduce myself ... / Re: Miscellany
« Last post by anthropositor on Sunday June 14, 2020, 11:34:51 AM »
Revising and extending my remarks, idiocy is too strong a word for engaging in mass demonstrations against widespread excesses in police policies of selective enforcement against minorities, involuntary forfeiture of property, cash and other assets, often without effective due process, and real judicial review.  It is not idiocy, for those so inclined, to join the struggle for better government, even to the extent of suffering additional hardship and risk of life because of crowd behaviors bringing greater risks to all. 
General Health / Re: kidney stones
« Last post by anthropositor on Saturday June 06, 2020, 10:16:57 PM »
I left a question put to me almost two years ago unanswered.  Sorry Palazzo.  My oversight needs addressing.  In round numbers, I have done these examinations with some regularity for about 15 years.  I had an acquaintance who was an admirer of my wife.  He lived fifty miles away, but used to dine in an establishment,  let's call it Barrel O' Crackers, as often as three or four times a week.  Let's call him "Stick" Taken.  His father had been a powerful judge in the deep south.  "Stick," even as a boy, dreamed of, one day, becoming as powerful as his father, whose huge and inescapable thumb, Stick had been living under in an interminable childhood.  What do you suppose he did?  Right!  He went into law enforcement.  He never "served."  But he enforced a lot!  He was in Hawg Heaven, from his perspective.  He loved Power!

Stick emulated his father as best he was able, but he could not see himself as an attorney.  He was a "hard as nails" cop.  He married, had several kids, before coming to the conclusion that his wife was an unfaithful harlot.  He kicked her to the curb in every possible way he could devise.  His stories spoke volumes to me.  They were not happy volumes at all.  But he did not know it!  Ultimately, he even did a stretch as a prison warden.

The fortune he amassed was of unknown proportions, but it was substantial enough for his own youngsters to steal it from him in substantial amounts without his noticing the losses until they couldn't be denied.  He disinherited one of his sons, saying he had stolen his legacy in advance.

Somewhere along the line, Stick had been seriously injured.  He became a paraplegic confined to cars and vans with hand controls.  Apparently surgeons had made some mistakes, and he was going to be richer than he had already gotten by other means.

Now his urine went into a bag to be emptied multiple times a day.  I had on numerous occasions seen him dump his urine which was not normal in any way.  These rank and turbid wastes sometimes generated stones which apparently required heavy duty hospital intervention.  observing his situation was what started me examining my own samples with much closer attention than most people would employ.

Stick took to my wife, a four-star server, often tipping her more than the bill for himself and his party.  This caught my attention, since we had been refugees in our jungle for some years, and at the time, there was no end in sight.  Stick was a frenemy in every sense of the word.

In any case, to bring this saga to it's intermission, my examination of my own urine samples took on a greater importance to me.

My samples were sometimes cloudy.  Upon standing, that cloudiness would precipitate as a white silt on the bottom of the beaker.  That might occur once or twice in a few dozen samples.  On other occasions, lipids would surface at the meniscus (top surface) of the sample, with the rainbow effect (under polarized light) often seen after a drop or two of gasoline hits a puddle of rainwater in the sun.  This happened perhaps 2% of the time.  In these cases, the anomalies  were not common.  In recent years, they have not been happening at all.  That is entirely to my satisfaction.
Let me introduce myself ... / Re: Miscellany
« Last post by anthropositor on Friday June 05, 2020, 11:46:30 PM »
There have been widespread demonstrations of vigorous contagious rage in dozens of major cities in thirty states, including NYC and Washington D.C. for more than a week.  Abroad too, hotspots like Hong Kong abound in which social isolation seems to have been forgotten in the emotional frenzy.  Today, I saw a 75 year old man knocked down by a well-armored cop in full battle gear.  The elder had been rendered unconscious, when the back of his head hit the pavement.  The cop who had done the deed did not stop to check the old man's condition or render aid.  These months of social isolation have been largely negated by the mass demonstrations, and all the deep red states which want desperately to fully reopen the businesses we all need to rise from the ashes.

Hysteria tends to negate good sense.  Most of the demonstrators are wearing face masks, but often doing it badly, pulling them down so they can scream at each other.  Social distancing seems entirely forgotten.  Is idiocy too strong a word?
Let me introduce myself ... / Re: Miscellany
« Last post by anthropositor on Sunday May 31, 2020, 07:51:04 AM »
For more than half a century, I have been advising inventors, theorists and entrepreneurs to guard against developing a destructive notion called "The Proud Pappa Syndrome."  We all are in danger of falling under the spell it can cast on us, particularly inventors.  A few examples are in order.

One fellow, whom I had taught chess for some months back in the 1970's had developed an idea which he was pretty secretive about.  He was downright paranoid that some rich product developer was going to steal it from him, before he was ready to go to market with the finished product.  By and by, he concluded he could tell me about it.  I said he needed to generate some disclosure paperwork, which I needed to sign in the presence of a Notary who would witness the document.  Little did I know that he had already been talking to people who were going to "help" him set up the manufacturing to produce his product.  He thought he was being pretty cagey.  His vendors were enthusiastic, applauding his idea, giving him the notion that his product would sell itself, it was so good.  He needed to have a lot of them on hand, they said.

Eventually he took me to his spacious three car garage which was full of cartons of his product.  hundreds of them.  He opened one, pulling out a slate gray litter basket that had a metal clip which was going to hold that basket in place on the hump between the seats in a vehicle, after the clip itself was installed on the hump, requiring drilling two holes of the right dimension to admit two drive screws to hold the clip which would hold the basket until it was full of the debris it was to collect.  I asked some questions, diplomatically.  Tell me how his market research had gone, and so on.  He hadn't even thought about testing the marketplace.  He just "knew" it was going to sell, because his vendor was so effusive about how everyone was going to beat a path to his door to get his product.  His vendor made thousands of dollars, and perhaps laughed all the way to the bank.

I was going to give you another example.  Let's skip it.

I too have vestiges of the proud pappa syndrome.  I should know better, but I really don't.  One member of my local think tank strongly disagrees with my using a paperclip to install my nasal filters.  He wants to make money.  I want to save lives.  The more the better.  My Publican associate just wants to do business.

While in this quarantine for several months, I have taught this new Covid-19 procedure to several dozen people over the phone.  That too, is a kind of market research.  The results have seemingly been dismaying.  I have done no follow-up, figuring there will be questions and commentary.  They had not been coming in.  I was sad indeed.  One lady I mentioned had come up with the idea of using a bobby pin instead of a paperclip.  Certainly a workable idea, but I worried about the range in the kinds of bobby pins, and the possibility of potential injury from using some of them, if used improperly or thoughtlessly.

Then I got a call from a woman I've known for twenty-five years or so.  Now, she is a bit of a curmudgeon hard to describe.  I liken her to the character in a movie played by Emma Thompson across from Tom Hanks's Walt Disney in the story about the writer of Mary Poppins bringing the story to the screen in "Saving Mr. Banks."

Though she is a good friend, she can be obdurate at times, to say the least.  I expected a 1% chance she would even give it a try.  She IS doing it.  She likes it!  Go figure.

Skin Complaints and Skin Disorders / Re: Grover's disease
« Last post by jd1 on Wednesday May 27, 2020, 11:20:16 PM »
Wow, I think that is fascinating!  So how is your skin now?  Nickel and mercury are both metals....could Grover's be a reaction to metals, more than just to mercury?
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