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Title: Any Body heard of this???
Post by: Aya on Wednesday May 13, 2009, 03:14:07 AM
I am just wondering if anyone heard of this.  Attached in link.. (Click the View Inactive Advertisement and it will take you to the topic..)

My wife who is Japanese, has Atopic Dermatitus on the bottom of her feet.  She has had it for years.  We returned to Japan after spending a few years in the States and she is seeing a Dermatologist.  They are giving her a weekly injection of this Placenta Shot and UV light.  She also uses creames and ointments.  After I would say a month of getting these Placenta Shots, The skin on her feet is looking so much better.  She still scratches at night but I believe what she is recieving at the Dermatalogist is working.  Has anyone used this and if so has it helped you?  Looking forward to replies...