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Eczema Board / Re: Dyshidrotic eczema, please read...this may help you too!
« Last post by Angel love on Yesterday at 11:07:08 PM »
Cetaphil Face cleanser works for me. Wash your hands only using this. With cool water
Cetaphil face cleanser, works the best for me. The more you use it the less you have to use it in the long run. I promise it rea worked for me
News and Events / Re: About Pompholyx Eczema/Dyshidrotic Dermatitis)
« Last post by Angel love on Yesterday at 10:51:30 PM »
Hello I never wrote about my condition or really talked about it but I think it is necessary especially finding out it worked for me.
Okay here’s my story: I am 31 and have had eczema since I was 5 that’s when it was diagnosed I had it between my legs under arms back of legs everywhere, I’ve used everything under the sun. About 3 years ago I seen my hands breaking out like small pearl bumps with liquid inside on the palm of my hands and the back of my hands, I also wash my hands a lot because I’m a CNA and use all types of soaps and things like that. I went to the doctor he gave me Corticosteroid, and it helped !! Yay but only for a week then my body got use to it and so it stoped working, so I was back at square one, I looked up things like Aloe Vera and vitamins but nothing worked my hands hurt soo bad I had to call of work many times and it was embarrassing like I had a contagious disease. So one day I was so lazy after using the restroom I used my Cetaphil to wash my hands and I remember my hands not itching after washing them so for a week straight I used this stuff for my hands and it really cured my eczema up. I had, had that bottle forever and felt like it didn’t work for my face so I took it from under my sink to wash my hands with and it worked after I ran out of it I used the off brand and I add some water to it and I use it as soap. My hands have been clear now for over 3 months. PLEASE TRY THIS IT WORKED FOR ME.
Testing Testing ...1.2.3. / Re: split and re-merge part I
« Last post by Bomozomaaoka on Friday October 20, 2017, 04:02:55 AM »
us post, which was also after a post.
Skin Complaints and Skin Disorders / Re: Advice for skin diseases
« Last post by Bomozomaaoka on Friday October 20, 2017, 04:02:02 AM »
matitis is a skin disease the same, just different severity. Folliculitis and acne is the same disease, bu
Skin Biopsy, if the side effects are as difficult as they sound. Treatment in time at a particular dermatologist regularly creates more correctness.
Skin Complaints and Skin Disorders / Re: Grover's disease
« Last post by TomA on Monday October 09, 2017, 09:16:26 PM »
Danny, thanks for your kind words. We're just in this all together, and it's good to have a place to share our experiences. I trust your healing will continue.

Iain, in an earlier post you suspected a yeast infection, in this latest post you're now saying it's fungus related. From whatever cause, it sounds like you are finding relief and that's a good thing. I hope it continues. I've started experimenting with unfiltered apple cider vinegar and I'll let everyone know how it works. Getting the smell past my wife is the first challenge, but she's not complaining too loudly so far. I think I may be finding some benefits at this point, but it's too early to say at this point.

Skin Complaints and Skin Disorders / Re: Anybody with Severe Tinea Versicolor making progress?
« Last post by sam207 on Sunday October 08, 2017, 05:33:30 PM »
Hi everyone, I just wanted to quickly share my story in the hopes that this will help others. I've visited this forum a few times over the years as a guest in hopes that someone had some new information that might help me.

I have for over ten years suffered with 'tinea versicolor,' trying many different treatments (natural and over the counter) and I always saw very little to no improvement. One day earlier this year I searched online for "hypopigmention" because I came to the conclusion that there just couldn't be any way that I had tinea. I came upon a post by someone with my exact same story with pictures that looked a lot like what I had. They contacted a dermatologist who specialized in darker skin tones (in which this is much more obvious) and he diagnosed them with progressive (familial) macular (midline) hypomelanosis." He advised them to go to their nearest dermatologist and get a prescription for 1% clindamycin topical lotion which completely normalized their skin after a few months.

I decided to do the same, however, it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. My dermatologist (working under a well-known and prestigious NYC dermatologist) flat-out refused to prescribe me the lotion at first, because he had never heard of this condition and didn't think I would have something that he thought was so rare. He insisted I had poorly treated tinea versicolor and later insisted taking a skin biopsy. I kept insisting and he grudgingly prescribed me the lotion that I wanted to at least try since it was harmless. After a few months now, my skin is FINALLY NORMAL, and without a scar from a skin biopsy.

I hope this post helps others who might have the same condition which is commonly confused with tinea veriscolor. I had been to many dermatologists with great reputations and years of experience. Maybe some dermatologist might see this post and proceed with a bit more of an open mind regarding this condition as well.
Skin Complaints and Skin Disorders / Re: Grover's disease
« Last post by dannyfc on Sunday October 01, 2017, 07:11:43 AM »
Hi all

It's remiss of me not to have visited the forum for ages as it gave me the answer to my problem . Tom A, golf boy and a lady whose name I cannot remember posted some excellent stuff and talked a lot of sense. Unfortunately on forums such as this it can get lost in the wash, as there are lots of posts from people who mean very well, but unfortunately are going down blind alleys or don't have grovers disease.

I will summaries my story and if it helps one that's a positive...

1. I was diagnosed with grovers disease 2013 by bi-op in Nuffield hospital Cheltenham 2013. Please note you can only have grovers definitively confirmed by bi-op, nothing else. I also had dermatitis...I was 49.
2. Unfortunately for me my condition was deteriorating rapidly. My conditions, spots covering nearly all my back as well as part of front torso, also on legs.  Memory loss,mood swings,extreme fatigue and worse of all two blackouts in public.
3. The drugs I were taking, which are talked about a lot on here were having no effect my symptoms were getting worse and I was genuinely worried they were becoming life threatening.
4. I spent the whole weekend on the internet and mainly on this forum reading the posts. At that time I read all posts at least 3 times.
5. From the three people I mentioned on the forum the theory of mercury poisoning came up, then the name dr Paul dantzig , professor at Colombia NYC .
6. I was straight on the phone to him and flew to see him twice. In Jan 2014 he put some stuff in my body and two main tests, urine and blood. My urine samples showed him the second highest Mercury readings he had seen.
7. He was brilliant and calmed me down by saying he had treated thousands with over 90 per cent success rate, I would be no different.
8. He also said something that scared me. In certain individuals he links grovers to Mercury and Mercury to dementia. Some of the symptoms I was displaying he thought would lead to the rapid onset of that disease and I may not have lasted 5 years.
9. Three actions, the drug chelation two courses, it binds round your organs and pulls the Mercury out..second all Mercury fillings out (50 percent of the composite is Mercury),no fish for rest of my life.
10. I had five Mercury fillings, two very large, two had split. All were taken out by private dentist in Feb 2014 and replaced by porcelain. As an aside when Tim was taking them out he had what looked like a World War Two gas mask on, so did his assistant. He put my departing filings into a cylinder that had smoke coming out of it and sealed lock tight shut....I said these things were in my mouth!!...he gave me a knowing look and said he was in the dental industry but has never recommended these types of amalgams..

March 2014 all physical and non physical symptoms gone and my skin also looks very different, much younger. Today not one spot or symptom of those terrible times in 2012,13,14.

I believe that....
 I had the disease for a number of years, possibly as early as 15 years previous. I believe and Dantzig told me that it was degenerative as you get older, sun makes it worse. I was particularly vulnerable to it hence my problems. Dantzig can cure the vast majority of sufferers. The truth I don't think will ever come out due to the vested interests of the dental and fish industries.

I hope this helps a few and thanks again to the people I mentioned earlier because without them and this forum I would not have been cured..


Skin Complaints and Skin Disorders / Re: Grover's disease
« Last post by Iain on Wednesday September 27, 2017, 03:42:20 PM »
When I last wrote earlier my approach to dealing with Grovers disease I was nearing a complete solution which I am very relieved to find has taken place. All the treatments I outlined were effective for treating Grovers disease symptoms.
Grovers disease is a fungal condition albeit conventional Medicine has not spent enough time researching it to specify this. As I wrote earlier I was tackling its symptoms which greatly relieved the unsightly skin problem together with relieving the intolerable itching for long periods.
The cure came from further enhancing the anti fungal approach. I started self prescribe treatment with fluconazole at 150mg once per day for 8 weeks and swabbing affected areas of skin on my back and chest with undiluted apple vinegar once per day. At around 7 weeks treatment I started to wet a small towel with undiluted apple cider vinegar and leave it on my back during the day. Repeated for two days to kill any surface funguses. From then onwards I was able to discontinue the use of Apple cider vinegar, but if you need to continue with it because yours hasn't subsided at seven weeks feel free to continue with swabbing or towelling with undiluted apple cider vinegar. Neither damage the skin.
As fungal conditions are notoriously likely to reoccur I have continued with fluconazole to ten weeks and my skin is clear and healed and smaller itching irritations on my neck, ears and forehead have disappeared and healed also without the need for swabbing with apple cider vinegar. All itching has gone and the skin is all normal.
Do continue with daily 150mg oral fluconazole for at least two to three weeks after all symptoms disappear to ensure no reoccurrence.
In common with many others I attribute the illness to a reduction in my immune systems resistance probably from stress at work, a reduction of my skins natural skin protective acidity level, and perhaps candida leakage from the gut into my body causing the spots and probably with malassezia over infection opportunistically feeding on the sebum in the areas of skin depleted of their usual acid protection.
Whichever is you case, Grovers responds to longer term anti fungal treatments. I wish everyone else who follows these procedures I oulined success and the complete relief from itching and the cure they desperately seek.
Kind Regards
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