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Skin Complaints and Skin Disorders / Re: Pityriasis Lichenoides Chronica
« Last post by PLC4ME on Today at 05:28:29 PM »
Hi guys I'm Brenda i was diagnosed of PLC year 2013 i had may recent CBC result and i have lymphocytes level of 42 which the normal value is 40 may i ask if anyone here had their immunologist check up doesPLC really related to what i heared about the blood disease or lymphoma? I'm a bit worried :(

Hi Brenda,

And sorry to hear of your condition.. What did the specialist say about the high level? I believe the higher immune system would be quite normal as your bodies immunity has to work harder and create more immune cells.

I haven't logged on here since 2008 and so it's been almost 10 years. You can see my posts from page 8.. I had this PLC in 2005 for about 6 months and then I took tetracycline I think they were 500 mg tablets x2, 2 times daily. For a week now I have been getting more and more spots on my arms first of all and now on my shoulders and some on my neck and head and legs and feet. So I had to go to a compounding pharmacy to get them to make tetracycline because it's not available in Australia as a regulated prescription anymore. If you are taking it you need to stay out of the sun.

Another thing I recommend is taking cold showers, which prevents the flaring of the spots. The technique is to just cover yourself with soap and then wash yourself quickly within a minute. I am actually quite used to this because I have had dermatitis for more than a year on my hands but now it seems to be a bit better. I also get dry skin in general so I have to use soap free wash.

Otherwise make sure to get lots of sun as you need vitamin D along with vitamin B12. Thanks thinking of getting this supplement today actually. But it's probably better to get a full blood count so this level can be measured. If you live in a country like England or you have dark skin then vitamin D deficiency may be a problem.

I am almost under the belief that the cause of this disease is environmental. I messaged Shauna in 08 who was another member on here, because I was just reading old messages in my inbox, and I asked her if she had seen any small bugs or mites around her child's bed or clothes. And trying to remember why I asked that. Because strangely enough the bed Ive been sleeping in for the last 7 nights has been infested with these little bugs which actually suck your blood. I thought they were causing the spots as they are quite itchy and resemble mosquito bites, (only some itch). Anyway I let one of these bugs bite my hand this morning and it didn't produce a spot at all. So it's not the bite itself causing me spots but I think it's releasing a kind of bacteria in my blood. It's very aggressive and the fact the spots seem to accumulate in the same place on my body, (sometimes in a straight line), leads me to believe the skin reaction is local.

I will have to find my own dermatologist and get a referral, so that I can get a biopsy and determine what this actually is. The derm I had for my dermatitis was actually very high up however she recommended things like wearing cotton lined dishwashing gloves and cotton gloves to bed with the ointment. However these gloves were actually sustaining the dermatitis, so now I use disposable gloves.

Anyway I'm going to call this compounding pharmacy as soon as they are open so they hurry up with the tetracycline, otherwise I have a script for erythromycin. Will update here with the progress... and I'll upload a video or images with this little bug.

@mark24 I recommend giving the antibiotics a try as I believe they helped me when I had this skin condition 12 years ago.
Skin Complaints and Skin Disorders / Re: Grover's disease
« Last post by Greg M on Thursday March 23, 2017, 05:36:21 PM »
Hello all-
It is nice to hear that everyone on this forum seems to have the same issues/symptoms as me.  I was diagnosed with Grover's back in the fall of 2016 after dealing with it since the Spring of 2016.  I am in my early 40's and mine was all over my lower back.  I too tried everything under the sun to cure my "heat rash" as was my continued diagnosis.  Finally my derm Dr took a biopsy and discovered what was going on. 

It does seem like there are numerous ways for people to treat their flare ups and also, numerous reasons for it to come back.  Mine finally subsided in Jan 2017 after using Charcoal soap in the shower and CeraVe moisturizing cream recommended by dermatologists for sensitive skin.  I also run/workout a lot and started applying either Gold Bond or Zeasorb powder on my back before working out.  Between all these continued efforts, it went away.  We just returned from a vacation to Turks and Caicos and it has returned...this time on my middle/upper back.   Excessive sun and heat/sweat appears to be the culprit.  I hope my past efforts will put this down quicker than my first bout.  I am also trying a cream called Terrasil Daily Care Cream.  It is for Eczema/Psoriasis and other skin disorders and it has apparently helped other people with Grover's here in the US. 

Good luck to everyone dealing with this irritating disease and keep posting your remedies out here!  Hopefully, someday, we can find the cure!

Skin Complaints and Skin Disorders / Re: Grover's disease
« Last post by JohnSydney on Saturday March 18, 2017, 05:32:19 AM »
I have a good news story. For many years Iíve been trying the remedies covered on this site without much success, until I tried a change in nutrition.  I celebrated March 2015 as the 2 year anniversary of the Grover symptoms going away.  I didnít make any comment until now, in case the symptoms were going to reappear. I was diagnosed with Grovers in September 2005.  Iím male, from Australia.  I was 54 years when my skin irritation appeared on my chest and back. It took a few years of visiting doctors until they identified I had Grover's disease. I tried lots of remedies but no improvement - I just had to live with it.  It was luck that I came across a nutritional program that changed my Grovers symptoms.  In early 2015 I was searching for a way to improve my general health and lose some weight. A good friend in the medical field told me about a nutritional program that had scientific backing supporting weight loss. I gradually lost weight, plus felt much better generally.  The bonus was within 2 months I noticed the skin redness and irritation starting to diminish, and symptoms gone within 6 months.  I have no sign of skin redness or itching since then. Iíve also lost 9kg so far and have increased energy levels.  Although this nutritional program does not make any claims about improving skin conditions it has been a welcome side effect for me. I donít want to advertise any brands on this Board, so if you want more information email me at and Iíll send the details. I see itís distributed in USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mexico, Columbia and UK later this year.  If you want to buy it, shipment is direct from the manufacturer, over the net.  They donít make any claims about skin health.  Itís come with a nice side-effect for me. John
Skin Complaints and Skin Disorders / Beige/brown colored skin spots
« Last post by boAgie on Friday March 17, 2017, 02:10:40 PM »
Hello everybody!
2 years ago I had beige/brown skin spots, I don`t remember exactly, because they were on my back. At that time a doctor prescribed me anti-dandruff shampoo and told me to wash my back with it. I remember they slowly went away. After this I saw similar spots somewhere on my breasts, I think they were more pinkish colored, another doctor prescribed me some sort of rubbing alcohol. The spots disappeared. The both times the spots were not more than 3-4. I haven`t checked my back since that time, I don`t have a suitable mirror and the light is bad... and I forgot to  ;D These days my mom told me I have lots of spots and took a picture of them. I don`t know whether I should use the first or second method. Does someone know what these spots exactly are, because I think the doctors were just guessing (the seemed like they did). Thanks in advance!  :)
Best regards,
Skin Complaints and Skin Disorders / Re: Granuloma Annulare
« Last post by LindaSioux on Friday March 17, 2017, 01:00:11 PM »
Hi, I'm Linda.  I developed GA in my early 40's and was told it would probably go away before long.  I am now 61 and it is worse than ever.   The derm at the VA has prescribed me many tubes and jars of that cream that wastes away the skin.  I always research my meds and after reading about the cream, I decided to no longer take it as it was not producing any good result.  I told the doc about reading about ROM treatment, she scoffed somewhat, but still agreed to prescribe the meds, but with a substitute for the Oflaxacin.  She explained that Oflaxacin was hard to get!  I have yet to receive the meds but am disheartened already knowing about the substitute med.  I really want to get rid of this as some rude people will proceed to tell me when I wear shorts that I have ringworm and look at me as if I am a ringworm.  I also feel like a ringworm.  My doc stated in my online report that I had said I wasn't troubled by this disease, which I never said.  I sure wish I could get rid of this condition someday before I die.
Let me introduce myself ... / Life mission to crack the case: 5 years with Schambergs Disease
« Last post by beeludz on Thursday March 16, 2017, 09:32:13 AM »
I'm a 24 year old female, and have been diagnosed with schambergs disease over 4 years ago, I thought i'd share my story and all the info that I've gathered over the years to anyone else who's struggling with this out there!
How it started: I got really sick, took lots of antibiotics in a short space of time, and took a while to recover, soon i started noticing tiny red dots on my feet.
Mine started on my feet, eventually grew into red rings, and eventually went higher up until my knees, it looked terrible and my self confidence has been a huge struggle being a girl who enjoys wearing dresses and skirts and shorts, as i'm sure all of you experience. I ended up at a nutritionist who made me realize that my food could be contributing, since this is an auto-immune issue and everything stems from the gut. The main things I was intolerant to, and most people are also were gluten and dairy. I became a vegan, and stopped gluten, and after 6 months the red rings faded into more of red dots, it was still very visible and still spreading up my leg and beginning to appear on my hands, but looked way better than before.

I went to 10 different skin doctors, and eventually did a biopsy to confirm that this was schambergs, and tried using topical steroid creams that one skin doc gave. The pigmentation definitely became way lighter but as soon as i stopped using the creams it came back, and worse. I realized steriod creams are not the solution since they're just temporary making it look better, it does not heal the root of the problem. I also tried homeopathy treatment for 2-3 years, and no improvement with that as well.

Last month, I switched to lypo-spheric vitamin C instead of my normal 1000mg vitamin C supplements, and started taking 500mg of rutin and Mega GLA few days ago. I have noticed improvements with the lypo-spheric vitaminc c, and it looks promising, so will keep everyone updated with that and how the next month with rutin goes.

Over the years I became abit obsessive, and one by one figured out a few things that i've noticed are making a difference, and do help:

- Keeping legs elevated, sleep with a pillow under legs, if walking alot keep taking breaks sit down and elevate legs, if working on a desk dont keep legs down on the floor, get a foot rest.

- Lypo-spheric vitamin C instead of normal vitamin C supplements (big difference!)

- Gluten/Dairy Free diet (I notice dairy dramatically increases inflammations)

- I quit drinking coffee (noticed an improvement)

- Quit/limit alcohol

- moisturizing daily (using fragrance free moisturizers for v sensitive skin)

- I changed my soaps and detergents to sensitive skin ones (might help)

- STRESS LESS! stress is the biggest cause of any auto-immune issue, to heal the auto-immune problem first heal the stressers in life which is very challenging and i'm still struggling with but at least try your best to stress less

- Yoga! Increases and improves blood circulation

- Diet high in Vitamin K: cucumber, avocado, kale, salad leaves, asparagus, broccoli

And I'll keep you guys posted on the rutin and mega GLA :)

Skin Complaints and Skin Disorders / Re: Grover's disease
« Last post by TomA on Wednesday March 15, 2017, 11:54:06 PM »
Ann, I too am 67, and am the one who suggested the hair dryer. I've been using it for a number of years for immediate relief. I'm glad the lidocaine works for you. I've had limited success with such. I have to use small amounts of the steroid Triamcinolone then the hair dryer for best relief. Keep us up to date on how you're coming and what works.
Tom A
Skin Complaints and Skin Disorders / Re: Grover's disease
« Last post by Anncfg on Tuesday March 14, 2017, 09:50:21 PM »
Hello.  My name is Ann and I am 67.  I first had a bout with Grovers when I was 58.  I had a few more bouts of it in the following years but wasn't diagnosed until 2015.  I now have it off and on throughout the year.  Up until recently I was using Sarna lotion, which worked better than anything else I'd tried.  Then I read a post on here suggesting using a hair dryer on as high heat as possible.  That worked extremely well.  Recently I have been using lidocaine.  It works very well, better than anything I've tried.  I apply it the minute I feel an itch and it stops the itch.  I don't feel the urge to scratch. The last bout of Grovers I had never became full blown and I credit the lidocaine.  I buy it over-the-counter (Aspercreme, Icy Hot, etc.).
Funny you should say that ........ / Re: The Original "Santa Physics" Proposal And A Rebuttal
« Last post by andyb on Friday March 10, 2017, 09:02:13 AM »
Perhaps folk are stunned into silence? - overcome by the excitement? :D
Funny you should say that ........ / Re: The Song Game
« Last post by andyb on Friday March 10, 2017, 09:00:55 AM »
Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! - performed by Larry Marks
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