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Skin Complaints and Skin Disorders / Re: Grover's disease
« Last post by ckg1989 on Wednesday February 14, 2018, 03:59:46 AM »
Thank you, golfboy307! It has been a long road. I had no idea Vit D was even a treatment for it, I wish I had known a lot sooner!
The Social Club / Re: Happy New Year!
« Last post by KoriDew on Tuesday February 13, 2018, 03:07:44 AM »
Your post gives me some good information.
Let me introduce myself ... / Re: 50+ woman with Grover's
« Last post by KoriDew on Tuesday February 13, 2018, 03:00:07 AM »
In this regard, I think that's a good thing.
Skin Complaints and Skin Disorders / Re: Granuloma Annulare
« Last post by gamedserum on Saturday February 10, 2018, 06:13:32 PM »
I have had success myself with my own all natural cream.  I have used it 3x a day for 3 weeks and the bumps associated with the GA on the back of my hand are all gone!  The redness is there and I am continuing to apply the cream as I have all natural ingredients that are intended to help try to fade the scaring but the cream does work!  Even my kids have noticed a difference and think even the redness has faded and don't see it.  I can run my finger over the skin and not feel a single bump.

I created an Etsy page with the cream if anyone wants to try it.  no promises but it has worked for me.  I understand there are many variations of GA but I am hopeful it will help someone else.
Skin Complaints and Skin Disorders / Re: Grover's disease
« Last post by TomA on Saturday February 10, 2018, 04:09:05 PM »
A number of women have shared on this chain, indeed it was started by a woman. There first few months are the worst and this disease is usually a temporary condition lasting 6-12 months. I've had to use a typical steroid, Triamcinolone, to get relief but you have to use it very sparingly. I've also found, ironically, that a hairdryer on high takes the string out for a while. That enabled me to start being able to sleep at night. Currently, I'm just using Cortisone 10 and Gold Bond Excema Relief lotion to cool down my skin. Hopefully, you have the temporary Grover's and it will pass on a few months.
Skin Complaints and Skin Disorders / Grover's disease
« Last post by Elisa on Saturday February 10, 2018, 08:37:24 AM »

I am a woman who had/has Grovers.  It lasted for about a year and a half.  My posts on this thread go way back.....
Today I still have a few spots on my chest that appear from time to time and then go again.  A new dermatologist recommended
this cream and it seems to be pretty effective: Eucerin (the German laboratory based in Hamburg) "Complete repair UREA PLUS".
In the past when my Grovers was truly very serious, I used a plant cream that no longer exists but which helped enormously. 
Although I have very little Grovers these days this new cream is worth trying I think.

All the best, I hope your case will be like mine, a transient one.

N.B.  I have been a vegetarian all my life (no meat no fish) and I have always been extremely sportive. I am blonde with blue eyes and spent too much time in the sun (unprotected) when I was a child in the sixties.
Skin Complaints and Skin Disorders / Re: Grover's disease
« Last post by Naneki06 on Friday February 09, 2018, 08:05:23 PM »
I just found out today I have Grover's Disease :'(.  It started in December.  My skin has been flawless for 58 years and now this.  My back is covered.  My doctor is giving me a cream, but is there anything else I can do (i.e., diet, supplements, etc.) to help this go way faster.  Most of the post I see are coming from men, any women have this problem.  Thanks!
 A Moderator needed.  Previous post has gigantic blank space at end.  I cannot seem to find an edit button to correct the empty space.  I could swear there used to be an edit button.  Do we now need other assistance to edit a glitch?
Helpful Remedies / Re: New light treatments being used to treat acne
« Last post by Bastronut on Thursday February 08, 2018, 07:24:01 AM »
What is it? I would like to know more. It will be a good treatment.
Skin Complaints and Skin Disorders / Re: Linear IGA
« Last post by Bastronut on Thursday February 08, 2018, 07:22:32 AM »
Tahaksin sellest rohkem teada saada. Kust leida rohkem teavet?
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