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My experience (Please help!)
« on: Sunday May 04, 2014, 10:09:39 PM »
Hello all! I'm new to the board. I came to discuss what I am currently going through and search for some help on the web. Here is my story:

I've had skin problems off and on for about 2-3 years, but it was always contained to one area and cleared up quickly after treatment. In November it all started again and hasn't really cleared up at all and worsened to a point which it has remained at until this day.

My skin is incredibly itchy always, all over my entire body except for my face. I'm talking feet, legs, genitals, buttocks, stomach, arms, hands, chest, etc.  I have no rash initially, but the itching is unbearable and I scratch until either welts form or I break the skin. It seems to be focused in different spots from day to day with a different area being more itchy than the rest. My doctor insists he can help me and refuses to refer me to a derm, regardless of how much I plead with him. He thinks its eczema, and has prescribed many different creams and oral medications..

The part that worries me is that I currently have 2 raised red bumps on the shaft of my penis, with a scabby black centre. There are 2 of these around the waist line of my pants as well. They slowly keep popping up, and I have 4 now. They are mildly itchy, but cannot be popped, but I did pick the scab off of one of them. I think it could be infected eczema but I am not sure - I have had this once before and it cleared up after taking an oral medication, but it is back and it is worrying me. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I have been tested for STI's and it isn't that. I drink about 2-3 days a week, and am an occasional smoker. I also have an anxiety disorder which I am on a low dose of citalopram for. There are also dry patches around my eyes that do not itch that are clearing up now with a prescription.

Any advice? Does it sound like sweat or dryness that is causing my itching? Please help!!

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Re: My experience (Please help!)
« Reply #1 on: Friday July 04, 2014, 01:26:17 AM »
Hi there!

Sorry to hear about your plight!  It sounds really awful.

I gave up on conventional meds years ago after realising my skin was not improving with the steroids, light therapy etc.

Skin and anxiety problems are related to the lack of healthy flora in the gut... Check out the GAPS diet and the nutritional doctor who created it.  She is on youtube and has written books on the gut, mind connection.

Unknowingly, through years of trial and error, I eventually ended up following the GAPS without realising I was eating all the correct food to not only heal my gut, but nourish me as well.

Remember this - you are not just what you eat, you are what you absorb.

If you mostly eat junk, smoke and drink - even all the meds in the world will not cure you.  I don't smoke or drink, but ate tons of junk food and ate out almost every day between 2008-2011 and was on. Bipolar meds for 4 years.

My skin went from totally clear to horrendous by 2012.  Came off meds in 2013 after much too-ing and fro-ing from the doctors and also stopped eating out. Skin cleared up again...also mind settled because I was eating real healthy - basically no packaged foods except for canned sardines.

Also, no foods containing flour, hydrogenated vegetable oils or sugar. Not even fruit!

I was desperate as my skin was an itchy sore, flaky mess and I was always scratching come sun, come cold weather. From head to toe.

I scratched my face so much in the last 3 years, that I am almost unrecognisable from how I looked just 3 years ago.

Good thing is, once the gut is healed and the colon is cleansed, it can absorb the nutrients from natural foods and begin the process of healing itself.

This is not rocket science, just plain common sense.  I lived 8 years in Nigeria as a teen and everyone I saw, including myself, had flawless skin. Through eating natural foods coupled with plenty of sun, rain and soft water

When I returned back to England when I was 21, I started eating out and gradually my skin got worse and worse until I had a full body eczema flare up in 1994, 1998 and most recently between 2011-2013.

The only way I cleared my skin was by sticking up on plenty if nutritional books by people like Bernard Jensen, Leslie Kenton, Udo Erasmus to name a few.

This time, the breakthrough came via Jason Vale, aka Juicemaster, Paleo diet study and studying Weston Price literature. Every time, I incorporate these methods, my skin heals up fast.  With the addition of Amaroli, I am talking overnight miracles (only on a relatively clean diet though)

So please folks - do your due diligence, research and follow up to stop your suffering.  You'll be glad you did.

Over and out, Aqua
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