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« on: Tuesday March 16, 2004, 12:09:18 PM »
Due to popular demand I am pleased to offer the members another new facility.

Picture Gallery (  on the main menu ) has been installed as a 'members only' photo and image gallery.
Images can be uploaded into personal folders or in to the main skin disorder gallery for other members to view and comment on.
The gallery software is produced by a well established organisation called "Coppermine" and the intergration in to the forum is complete, that means that if you are a member of the forum you already have complete access to the gallery facility and no additional logging in or registering is required.
I don't take any credit for this addition, the guys at Coppermine deserve the credit for a bolt-on feature that was simple and easy to install

If you are adding personal pics then its best to set up a personal album for yourself.

To do that

Go in to the Gallery
Click on the _at_ symbol and then "create an album"

Once you have created an album you can upload your pics in to the members section.

File limits are
Max image size = 1024 pixels
Max file size = 250kb