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Re: Miscellany
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The dew was all but gone.  From far. the church lawn looked like a smooth green blanket.  I waded in it, wanted to get down close.  I was glad I had put on my hand-me-down dungarees, rolled at the bottom like a cowboy, only I didn't have boots.  Just scuffed shoes with laces that didn't always want to be tied.  Big Brother laughs at me when I try.   "Watch me tie mine," he would always say.  Then he would go like a wirlwind, so fast I couldn't tell how to do it.  I'll just watch everyone else when they're doing it, without their even seeing me watch.  I'm good at that.  That's what I'll do.

I made a really squiggly path all over that big lawn.  Then I remembered, I had Mom's scissors!  I got down real close to the jungle.  All kinds and shapes of plants, not to mention crawly bugs.  Some of these grass plants just had to be good to eat!  I would be a Snipnibbler.  Snip.  Nibble.  Snip.  Nibble.  Snip.  Nibble.  Snip.  Ew.  Teensy points on that  leaf with milk coming out of the stem.  Didn't taste like milk to me!  Spit.  Spit.  Spit.

Soon I discovered a plant with three little round leaves on the stem and a little white bushy blossom atop the stem.  Together, they tasted quite nice.  I was stuffing them in my mouth as fast as I could.  I had discovered a vegtable I liked!  Only the mouthful wouldn't get chewed.  So I just kept on chewing.
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