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I love snow
« on: Thursday February 14, 2019, 03:27:08 PM »
I don't love the digging out process, although it's much better now that we have a snowblower.

Here in central Maine, we get some snow.  Often the first snowfall is long before the calendar declares it to be winter--this year the first snow fell in October.  And we'll probably still have snow on the ground well into April, by which time this former Virginian is very tired of the stuff.

Anyway, yesterday it snowed again, our 37th snowfall to date, and we spent this morning clearing it away enough that we can get out.  I snowblowered most of the deck and most of the driveway, and I cleaned off both vehicles (with the exception of the roof of the Subaru, which DH had to do because I'm too short) and I'm officially DONE for this snow event.

One good thing about living in northern New England is that snow doesn't seem to keep many people from getting where they need to go.  The roads are quickly and efficiently cleared and Mainers put on their cold weather gear and go about their business.  Ho-hum, just another winter day.   ;D
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