Author Topic: Eczema Due to exposing to Clorox or Foodstuff; Meat, Water and/or Flour?  (Read 1357 times)

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Eczema Due to exposing to Clorox or Foodstuff; Meat, Water and/or Flour?
« on: Monday December 04, 2017, 03:10:03 AM »
        I do not know when Dyshidrotic eczema issue began or appeared. I never had this condition before until in year 2015 which in June I started working as a full-time Chef Baker, at that time I was sort of ignorant, do not know what is right to do or wrong. So usually whenever our work is finished, before going home, we would always first wash our dirty tablecloths with clean water, then submerge them into a bucket of water along with a few small cups of Clorox bleach and I do the submerge job with my bare hands to get everything even for like a few seconds and I did so continuously for like 12 months, and yeah, I know I was a total idiot. And on the 13th month, both of my whole hands started feeling this weird itchiness on the surface but there weren't any this so-called "Tiny blisters" thing, just looking normal on the outside and so I ignored applying some medical cream and scratched them like I used to.

        The next day I woke up the itchiness was still there but this time, some slightly reddish and tiny blisters starting to appear, however still, I ignored applying some creams, stopped washing the tablecloths with bare hands; started using plastic gloves and went to work as usual continuously for like 6 days and guess what, the condition got worse day by day to the point I could barely hold a knife's fat handle, let alone chopsticks as my fingers got fatter and fatter and some crack-line-looking wounds on each of my fingers' joint surface above starting to appear and got thicker and deeper.

       I have no idea what went wrong with my fingers but my mum scolded me for stupidly continuously touching, submerge and exposing my whole bare hands to Clorox bleach resulting in complete reduction of my skins natural layers of protection and thus creating higher chances to get Dyshidrotic eczema easily just within 1 whole working day of continuously exposing my fingers to tap water, flour, condiments, sauces, and meats.

      Before I started my first job as a Chef Baker, I studied at Bakery and Pastry school and there I touched quite a lot of stuff for training purpose back in year 2013. But during my whole schooling period, I hadn't encountered such problem. My question now is, were my hands really poisoned by the Clorox bleach or was it the other thing? Flour? Tap water? Cream? Meats?

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.