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« on: Saturday November 11, 2017, 05:44:05 AM »
Hi all, I have just recently been diagnosed with pityriasis lichenoids. I guess there are worst things in life. It was very interesting to read all about this skin condition. Does anyone else feel they they have contracted this condition after a lot of stress. I have fairly carefree all my life but in the last 18 months have had a run of "bad luck". Commenced and exercise program to lose weight after giving up the fags (57 smoked all my life but put on 15 kgs). Hadn't been exercising very long but got a hip injury. MMI confirmed i needed to have a hip replacement due to arthritis in right hip. As a complication of this operation, they unintentionally broke my femur so had 2 major operations in 3 days. That fracture didnt heal properly (had cement from the hip replacement stuck in the break) so another operation approx. 12 months after the first. Then my partner of 15 years decided he didnt care for me and so we split up. Forced to move out of my home due to verbal abuse. Went thru a property settlement etc etc..... Also had a lot of stress at work at the time all of this was going on. The company I worked for got taken over. Was just starting to feel like things were looking up and then noticed 1 rather large spot appear on my stomach. Wasn;t worried about it until a few weeks later, hundreds of small dots started appearing all over my body. I just had a course of antibiotics and also "the miracle skin tablet - steroid" but still getting spots on an almost daily basis although they don't seem to get as large. My skin specialist wants to start me on a 6 weeks course of phototherapy. Will give it a try.
Does anyone else feel that this condition occured after a long period of major stress. I was also on TARGIN (strong oxycodone) for a period of 12 months but went off it before i got this condition. Could this also be another thing that provoked this condition.
ANY comments from anyone would be very much appreciated!!!!

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« Reply #1 on: Wednesday December 13, 2017, 09:47:07 PM »
Hi dianet28,

I was recently diagnosed with PLC too! I don't remember falling severely sick or getting any infection, but i do remember having extreme stress in my personal life for more than a couple months right after which this started. It started a couple months back, i noticed a little red ulcer like wound on my left upper inner arm, i remember wondering how i got hurt there!! it went away in a couple weeks, in the meantime i noticed similar spots on my inner thighs. Now i have them on my whole body, thighs, legs, arms! Can't look at myself in the mirror- looks roasted and burnt!!
I am taking doxycycline and applying a triamcinolone steroid cream for the last 10 days, i don't think its helping yet... i still see new spots every day and feel pricks all over my body!! Trying to change my diet to anti-inflammatory foods. My doctor suggests oral steroids, i am still considering it. I am very depressed and cant think straight right now!
If anyone has any suggestions, please help!

Thank you