Author Topic: Life mission to crack the case: 5 years with Schambergs Disease  (Read 1214 times)

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Life mission to crack the case: 5 years with Schambergs Disease
« on: Thursday March 16, 2017, 09:32:13 AM »
I'm a 24 year old female, and have been diagnosed with schambergs disease over 4 years ago, I thought i'd share my story and all the info that I've gathered over the years to anyone else who's struggling with this out there!
How it started: I got really sick, took lots of antibiotics in a short space of time, and took a while to recover, soon i started noticing tiny red dots on my feet.
Mine started on my feet, eventually grew into red rings, and eventually went higher up until my knees, it looked terrible and my self confidence has been a huge struggle being a girl who enjoys wearing dresses and skirts and shorts, as i'm sure all of you experience. I ended up at a nutritionist who made me realize that my food could be contributing, since this is an auto-immune issue and everything stems from the gut. The main things I was intolerant to, and most people are also were gluten and dairy. I became a vegan, and stopped gluten, and after 6 months the red rings faded into more of red dots, it was still very visible and still spreading up my leg and beginning to appear on my hands, but looked way better than before.

I went to 10 different skin doctors, and eventually did a biopsy to confirm that this was schambergs, and tried using topical steroid creams that one skin doc gave. The pigmentation definitely became way lighter but as soon as i stopped using the creams it came back, and worse. I realized steriod creams are not the solution since they're just temporary making it look better, it does not heal the root of the problem. I also tried homeopathy treatment for 2-3 years, and no improvement with that as well.

Last month, I switched to lypo-spheric vitamin C instead of my normal 1000mg vitamin C supplements, and started taking 500mg of rutin and Mega GLA few days ago. I have noticed improvements with the lypo-spheric vitaminc c, and it looks promising, so will keep everyone updated with that and how the next month with rutin goes.

Over the years I became abit obsessive, and one by one figured out a few things that i've noticed are making a difference, and do help:

- Keeping legs elevated, sleep with a pillow under legs, if walking alot keep taking breaks sit down and elevate legs, if working on a desk dont keep legs down on the floor, get a foot rest.

- Lypo-spheric vitamin C instead of normal vitamin C supplements (big difference!)

- Gluten/Dairy Free diet (I notice dairy dramatically increases inflammations)

- I quit drinking coffee (noticed an improvement)

- Quit/limit alcohol

- moisturizing daily (using fragrance free moisturizers for v sensitive skin)

- I changed my soaps and detergents to sensitive skin ones (might help)

- STRESS LESS! stress is the biggest cause of any auto-immune issue, to heal the auto-immune problem first heal the stressers in life which is very challenging and i'm still struggling with but at least try your best to stress less

- Yoga! Increases and improves blood circulation

- Diet high in Vitamin K: cucumber, avocado, kale, salad leaves, asparagus, broccoli

And I'll keep you guys posted on the rutin and mega GLA :)

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Re: Life mission to crack the case: 5 years with Schambergs Disease
« Reply #1 on: Monday May 29, 2017, 11:23:06 PM »

Thank you for this information. I have scahmbergs also. So should we not take Glutin and dairy products. Should I start Rutin. Is there any side effect of Rutin.