Author Topic: Hi! Case of Pompholyx - help!  (Read 1961 times)

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Hi! Case of Pompholyx - help!
« on: Friday September 23, 2016, 02:39:52 PM »

I am a long suffering from Pompholyx (3 years) and getting fed up with it!

After reading some threads on this site, I decided to try and attack my pompholyx by destroying the Athletes foot...
I had Pompholyx on my left hand and right foot.
I used Daktarin Activ on both feet twice a day and within 10 days the blisters had cleared up. I now have completely clear skin on my feet. No blister bumps and it is slowly recovering and building up skin layers again.

My hands are a different story. I have gone through a treatment of Lamisil Once followed by twice daily soaks in apple cider Vinegar followed by Daktarin Activ spray.
I was initially really pleased and though I had cracked it...
However - 15 days in and I have now reached stale-mate. The blisters have without doubt reduced significantly. However - they are still appearing occasionally, and my skin doesn't seem to be repairing back to normal.

It being fungal makes sense. I have a raised ring of skin on the bank of my hand similar to ring-worm and such fungal attacks.

Any thoughts? Is there something I am missing from the treatment?
How long did it take your hands to cure post treating the athletes foot?

Please please - any help would be gratefully received!!

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Re: Hi! Case of Pompholyx - help!
« Reply #1 on: Monday January 16, 2017, 06:45:49 AM »
Hi Tom,

I'm a newbie to this site but had to reply to you.  I've had Pompholyx since I was 15 - I'm now 57.  My mother and my siblings also suffer from it.  While any open wounds are susceptible to both bacterial and fungal infections, in my family's case at least Pompholyx is NOT a fungal infection.  In my early 20's I was proscribed long-term heavy doses of the anti-fungal Griseofulvin in the belief that I had a fungal infection.  It had no impact on my Pompholyx, but it did make me sterile. I've also been tested for every allergen known with no +ve  results (but contact with seafood sets off my younger sister's Pompholyx!).
I have "glove Pompholyx" - limited to my hands and fingers only.  I've been hospitalised twice and once nearly lost the use of my fingers when the vesicles reached the tendons and my hands clawed.  Once the Pompholyx appears, the only effective treatment for me is oral Prednisolone (steroid) and topical steroid cream - the quicker the better the results. Triggers for me are a combination of a high humidity environment and stress. When I moved to a dry (and very hot) environment, I had no outbreak for  16 years - with the exception of when I visited my parents who lived in the tropics. Now I live in a semi-tropical climate, I'm prone to outbreaks again.
A few tips that work well for me:
*keep the affected area clean
*keep away from using scented products - Pinetarsol by Ego is a great product to clean and soothe the affected areas
*keep the area well moisturised - it may sound counter-productive, but your skin will become very thin and weak, and needs all the protection in can get.  Use a pure vegetable sorbolene if you can (buy online). or buy the standard unscented sorbolene at any chemist otherwise.  Topical use of steroid creams will also thin the skin, so moisturising is VERY important
*keep the area cool - bath with iced water with Pinetarsol added - I find this amazingly soothing
*I have found that most doctors I have visited are alarmingly unaware of the existance of Pompholyx, and jump to the bacterial and/or fungal diagnosis.  I too get the raised red ring symtoms - this is inflammation, NOT an infection, not ringworm.
*assess your stress levels when you get an outbreak, and look at your coping mechanisms.  Exercise helps me greatly, as does meditation. But note mild exercise only while you are experiencing an outbreak.
*keep off the alcohol and junk foods (sugar is a demon for skin complaints!)while you have an outbreak - healthy liver = healthy skin. Take Vit A and zinc supplements to help strengthen your skin
Good luck Tom, hope you find some of this a bit helpful.
Cheers, Georgie