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« on: Thursday August 18, 2016, 04:15:07 PM »
Hi everybody,

My eczema started about three years ago. After a patch test, positive for Kathon CG, and after searching for products containing this stuff, I remembered having used a well-known powerful glue, and having ignored two little drops of that white glue for some minutes on exactly the two fingers that soon after developed this nice eczema.

Btw I had to search really thoroughly to find out that this particular glue contains Kathon CG - and the well-hidden product sheet ("after repeated contact bla bla, severe allergies may develop") has disappeared since from the web. So I won't mention the brand name, it's a big company with good lawyers, I suppose.

About two weeks ago, I was a bit fed up of my eczema and finally went to a dermatologist. My attempts to keep it under control were unsuccessful, and the other hand started having problems, too, so I thought professional help was an option to consider.

He looked at my hand, told me it was a dermatophyte, gave me a prescription for Clinner Oil and a medium-strength corticoid cream (mometasone), took a hundred Euros, and that was it. Five minutes. That was almost two weeks ago, the cream had no positive effect afaics, and my derm is on holidays. I stopped the cream and started with Fexofenadine 180 mg/day, 5 days so far but I stopped that one, too (there is a rash on my back that I don't like, could be related).

I've passed a lot of time on the web searching for dyshidrosis and pompholyx, and it's great fun 8)

Impressing the number of posts starting with "I've had it for twenty years now, and consulted dozens of derms, but...". Wow. So far, it seems that

- vinegar soaks are good, but there is a religious war between ACV ("raw it must be, and biological") and white vinegar fans ("that apple stuff has lots of natural allergenes, keep away")
- bleach baths are good, too, against almost everything
- so are epsom salt baths
- the Id reaction is the source of all evil (greetings to Carole and - they may be right after all)
- another really evil thing are cortison creams -> logical conclusion: all derms are evil ;-)
- Dr. Naylorís Udder Balm can help with the symptoms (probably - the cows' mammals are delicate zones)
- sweet water is bad (avoid handwashing, showers, swimming pools, but be aware of the social consequences)
- salt water is good (lucky you are if you live on the coast in a tropical climate)
- whisky in the evening is an effective treatment (search for pompholyx whisky if you don't believe that)
- popping the blisters is the only joy that you can derive from dyshidrosis

etc etc - the list is long and incomplete.

So now I am here and have two short questions:
- my hands are peeling like hell (and the new skin looks ok). Why are they peeling? The cortison cream, or another mechanism?
- is swimming in the ocean really A Good ThingTM?
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Re: Pompholyx
« Reply #1 on: Thursday August 18, 2016, 08:41:38 PM »
I had pompholyx eczema on my feet, and found that a paddle in the sea is most relaxing.

Still is to this day :-)
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Re: Pompholyx
« Reply #2 on: Thursday August 18, 2016, 10:17:16 PM »
Will try, thanks for the heads up ;)