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Hi there. If your reading this, i implore you to jump into the introductory thread entitled 'my name is leah' to get a little back story since i poured out my heart in my introduction about some of my problems. To sum it up, i have been diagnosed with eczema or dermititis since i was born. Ive lived with it and it has come and gone in varying intense stages. I just had an allergy test done and i tested positive to roaches, dust and dust mites, cats and dogs, guni pigs yet i have not tested yet for food sensitivities. I feel as though my undying eczema is due to allergic reactions constantly as i live with four cats and a small dog which is mine. I will also add that i will not give these furry critters up, minus the roaches.
I have seen many doctors and dermatologists and have been using a lot of steroid creams however the thinning of my skin has forced me to make a personal decision to stop and give my skin a rest. Recently ive suffered from a Streptococcal skin infection and before that, five years of relentless flare ups of impetigo. I am literally covered from head to toe in extreme itchy eczema. I flake like the forth of july fireworks in a snowstorm most of the time. I burn through a vat of vaseline in 3 days. I bathe regularly to get rid of the itch and the burning sensations of raw skin. I work in an environment with lots of dust.
I am due to another couple of doc cisits but the flare ups keep happening every moment where i can barely sleep because it keeps me up at night. I believe i have an overactive immune system and its shot because ive been in overdrive mode. I get pity everywhere so i always wear sweaters and long sleeves to cover up, which makes it worse. I moisturize every second and dualy itch it off when the sensation becomes unbearable.
My diet is to blame so ive been smoke-less for five months and cut out 99% of drinking except a sip on special occasions. I feel like my eczema is a fungus and im full of sugars and yeast. I have a sensitivity to dairy. I try to watch what i eat but sometimes in doing so, its like im on an unnecessary diet. Im drinking mullion tea and am taking other herbal naturopathic remedies along with my perscribed meds like adarax. I can go on and on but im sure all of you have had something similar to this.
Now in february it got real real bad. These small red bumpy rash formed on my feet and legs and hands which turned into a full fledged infection. Before that my eczema was tolerable to isolated areas. After it seemed like i got rid of the infection, the rash stayed and formed into an intense eczema feet and hands. I feel helpless because everything i try seems like i will never get any resolution. Im also eating burdock and dandilion and am trying a bunch of other stuff. I think stress may be the culprit but i am not allowed to have any stress releaving meds as i feel i cannot control my anxiety and it just fuels the eczema. Sometimes its so bad that i can barely get out of bed and must work while under intense pain the whole day and must hobble everywhere like an elderly person.
I know this is long winded but i think someone may have a combo that has cured them and may help me. I dont want to feel depressed over my skin and cannot walk outside while being paranoid of people looking at the long gashes of skin from my nails raki g over my body to releave that undying itch. I also have to note that i cannot afford most treatments as i am working as much as i can to pay for this debilitating affliction.
My problems are: eczema, itching, shedding flaking skin, waking up and unable to sleep, staying up due to the itch, head to toe eczema, swolen ankles, forever anxiety and distress, depression, etc etc. you get the picture.
Well lets hope we can get this puzzle solved eventually.
Thank you