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« on: Friday October 19, 2018, 10:36:53 PM »
Hi, the last time I posted on here was 2008 when my then 4 year old had PLEVA for 6 weeks. It has been gone for 10 years and for the past 5 I had stopped even worrying or thinking about it. 2 weeks ago it came back, I recognized it right away and took her back to same doctor and have started her on almost the  same treatment as first time around. She is now 14 and a ballerina who needs to wear costumes etc. It doesn't appear so far to be as bad as her first bout with it 10 years ago. My question to the forum is, is there anyone on here who has had years of remission to have it return, and if so, was it as bad? Did the same treatments work etc? I am heart broken for her. It is hard being a teenager let alone with this. So far it it is on her inner arms, pits, trunk and a tiny bit on upper inner thighs. Last time she was covered from neck to knees.

Note: Her doctor this time has her taking Doxycycline ( she was too young for it the first time) Has this antibiotic helped anyone?

Thank you in advance to anyone who can help :-)

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Re: Pleva/Plc
« Reply #1 on: Tuesday February 12, 2019, 06:33:39 AM »
Aký veľký je tento veľký zdroj údajov? Koľko údajov môžem získať, pretože mám podozrenie, že tento veľký obsah databázu odstránil?