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PMLE interesting connection
« on: Sunday April 23, 2017, 06:47:11 PM »

I have suffered with PMLE since my 20s and it got worse after a 2 week vacation in FL.

I suffered for years with no answers until 3 years ago (I'm now 50).  As I was diagnosed by my dermatologist I was also being diagnosed by my doctor as being severely Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 deficient.

Last year I found a very interesting connection.  I ran out of my Vitamin D and was lazy about picking some up.  I had the worse case of PMLE after going years with very little manifestation.

I also had remembered reading about Heliocare so when I ran out to get my Vitamin D I got some Heliocare too.

My successful treatment to avoid flair ups is in the morning I take my Vitamin D and Heliocare.  I then put a layer of sunscreen on.  I usually do SPF 30, but have gotten away with lower.  This covers me for the day of walking the dogs, short periods of sitting in the sun and driving in my convertible.  If I'm going to be in the sun for a lot longer like for an event or the beach I reapply sunscreen and take another dose of Heliocare in the afternoon.  I urge everyone with PMLE to get their Vitamin D tested.  Everyone is deficient, but being seriously deficient is damaging in a number of ways.  Be sure to get the right test.  My primary doctor didn't and I suffered for a year with an illness that a specialist found immediately to be Vitamin D deficiency. "Be specific and ask for a 25(OH)D test. There is another type of blood test for vitamin D, called  a 1,25(OH)₂D test, but the 25(OH)D test is the only one that will tell you whether you’re getting enough vitamin D."

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Re: PMLE interesting connection
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday May 09, 2018, 06:48:10 AM »
In my advice, you will best way to use the sunblock.