Author Topic: I found out eczema is common among ppl with primary immune system deficiencies  (Read 2333 times)

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I recently found out I have a primary immune system disorder called Selective IgA Deficiency.  My IgA antibodies are lower than normal, and leaves me susceptible to respiratory / sinus infections etc.  I've only known this for a week now, and one thing I have learned along the way is that eczema, and also food allergies, is very common among people with primary immune system disorders.

I recently started paying attention to how frequently I was catching colds and sinus infections.  I went to a ear, nose, and throat doctor who tested me for allergies, and did a few blood tests.  I wasn't super allergic to anything, but the blood test came back abnormal.

Luckily, SIgAD is the "best" immune disorder to have if you have to have one.  Aside for catching stuff, the biggest risk for me would anaphylactic shock if I would receive a blood transfusion that is not also IgA deficient.

If I hadn't started noticing how often I was catching stuff, I don't know how long it would have gone until someone figured out what was wrong.  So anyhow, pay attention how often you get sick, or if you get sinus infections and antibiotics doesn't completely knock them away, etc.

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Re: I found out eczema is common among ppl with primary immune system deficiencies
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That is interesting.....I have found that the best way to boost your immune system is by drinking wheatgrass juice, kefir and also doing amaroli. A clean diet, similar to GAPS also makes a big difference as well.

Plenty of sleep at night - kefir helps with this - and also veggie juices like carrot, parsley apple and beetroot 4-8 glasses a day.

Following Jason Vales Juice diet for 7 days helps kick start healthy eating and drinking habits.

As for Amaroli, check out Dr John Armstrong, Martha Christy, Sylvia Chandler - all authorities on the subject.

GAPS diet, Paleo Diets are not about losing weight, but a more nutritious way of eating that gives the body the ammunition to correct imbalances whether hormonal, immune, or other bodily functions that aren't operating properly.

Speaking from personal experience of just 7 days doing Amaroli, my skin is softer and does not need as much coconut oil.  The skin tone is turning back to its original color, and also the thickened skin on my arms due to constant scratching, is becoming thinner and softer.

All this in 7 days....I am also scratching much less and the scars on my inner thighs are disappearing.

I am very happy because Amaroli was the last desperate measure to get my skin back to normal after 4 years on stupid meds.

I will also start colon cleansing to rid myself of any mucoid plaque stored in my colon over the past 4 tears.  (I ate out almost every day although still managing to lose 2 stone in 2 years - go figure!)

You can heal your self of whatever ails you through nutrition, wheatgrass, kefir, Terramin red clay and a healthy balanced diet short on processed foods and foods containing hydrogenated fats and refined sugar.

How do I know? It took me 15 years of trial and error, raw food nutritionists expertise, collecting a small array of books on nutrition, juicing and skin, and researching the internet on the ultimate eczema cure...

To cut a long story short, I discovered that you CAN heal your leaky gut, and you can get a total healing but it takes time, guidance and diligence.

I did go off the rails with healthy eating between 2010-14 , but I realised that the GAPS diet helps your body get back to normal to such a degree that you can eat food that you had previously been "allergic" to.  Also Shivambu does something similar and is not so strict, although a clean diet is also needed in order to allow the body to heal itself.

On a clean duet, one also feels more peaceful and grounded,babel to handle stressful situations without freaking out or bottling up emotions.

I have been posting a lot lately, maybe because I am not spending most of the day scratching or oiling my face which has just recovered from 6 weeks of peeling sunburn - Amaroli being the missing ingredient that finally stopped the incessant peel, scratch, red itchy, sore tight feeling.

I must admit I did not handle this particular episode very well and complained to everyone I knew about my woeful sunburn.

Phew! Drastic measures give great results....Phew! :P
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