Author Topic: Hello.. It all started a few days ago.. (Dyshidrotic Eczema/Pompholyx)  (Read 3587 times)

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Hello.. It all started a few days ago.. (Dyshidrotic Eczema/Pompholyx)
« on: Wednesday June 18, 2014, 11:34:26 AM »
Hey all,

Just a bit of introduction, I'm a 16 year old girl! My mom previously suffered from eczema although now she still gets occasional itching.

A few days ago, I woke up in the morning and while I was brushing my teeth, found a lil bump on my left index finger. I assumed it was just one of those occasional itchy bumps or mosquito bites. Then, it became worse throughout the day and there were small bumps all over that finger. I went to bed and felt my feet itching at night.

The next day, there were small bumps on the sole of my left feet. Then its now slowly spreading to my other foot (sole and sides, as well as the toe area), as well as new bumps on a few other fingers on both hands.

Today, I suddenly had a lot of small red bumps spreading all over my left feet (now the top too). It really really itches and I've tried applying calamine lotion which helps a little. I'm really scared that my hands and feet will be fully covered with these bumps. My mom suggests using the hair dryer to blow them but it only temporarily cures the itching. It's the holidays now for me and there isn't school but I really hope it'll be gone by the end of June, when school starts.

I'm not sure what triggered these. I usually don't apply any creams or lotions, just use Cetaphil body wash. Could this be a trigger? It's also very hot here - more than 30 degrees celsius and over 50% humidity. Is weather the cause?

The itching is really really bad. Please help!

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Re: Hello.. It all started a few days ago.. (Dyshidrotic Eczema/Pompholyx)
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday June 25, 2014, 05:22:08 PM »
dunno what the trigger in my case
already cured after blacklisted all food, beverages and other trigger
still not finding the cause of my pompholyx
in my case it's started from annoying itch, without bump
you could see mini bubble when expose the skin with bright light
that the source of itch

right now you in state of weak against all allergen
you will find lot's of allergen later (causing itch than usual)
it won't affect you in normal condition, but with all of those bump,
it's a sign that you vulnerable with other allergen too
but you need to find the major allergen causing the start of symtomp

my biggest suspect come from beverages
it could be the kitchen ware or from the beverages itself
so you could switch to mineral water for a while,
avoid all processed water contacted with metal or rubber kitchen ware for a while
especially the hot one

if you want to start from "zero"
you could use some medication
it's not a permanent solution,
but it could be the best solution when combined with change life style to avoid the allergen
if you don't avoid those allergen then it will come again after 1 or 2 weeks later

well keep positive, just think it as the start of healthy life
and don't forget to read other thread too
good luck
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Re: Hello.. It all started a few days ago.. (Dyshidrotic Eczema/Pompholyx)
« Reply #2 on: Monday July 07, 2014, 11:30:40 AM »

I would strongly recommend that you see a dermatologist if possible.  Perhaps he/she can help you sooner than later, if you are looking for relief and treatment...

Take care, and keep us posted. :)