Author Topic: How To Use RICE WATER For Glowing Your Skin  (Read 2965 times)

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How To Use RICE WATER For Glowing Your Skin
« on: Sunday December 22, 2013, 09:49:46 AM »
Rice water is one simple home remedy used by many asian women.These women work for many hours in the sun,yet they have beautiful skin.What is their secret? Rice WAter,of course.Follow me as I give you 6 benefits of using rice water;     

-makes the skin soft
-improves skin complexion
-cleanses and tightens the skin
-increases the elasticity of the skin by increasing collagen production
-it helps to renew damaged skin.This is occasioned by the presence of oryzenol which renews the skin pigments
=Rice contains ferulic acid , an antioxidant that can fight free radicals

The Step-By-Step-Guide

-wash the rice to remove dirt
-put one cup of rice in a container and add four cups of water
-allow to boil for some minutes
-Drain the water into another container.This is your rice water
-allow it to cool
-soak a towel into the rice water and use it to wash your face
-wash your face after some minutes with cold water and dry
-Do this every morning and night
Hi,my people.I have given a secret you can use without spending any money for your glowing skin.Go ahead and implement  it and come back to this forum to tell us your experience.
glowingskin is a microbiologist who specializes in skin conditions treatments.He researches and provides for free home remedies for glowing skin.

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Re: How To Use RICE WATER For Glowing Your Skin
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday February 26, 2014, 06:08:52 AM »
Hi glowing skin! Your tips are very nice and helpful.  The only thing is, I live in a hard water area and water dries my face.  So when winter comes about, I slice a portion of an aloe vera leaf and skin it. Put it in a blender to make it liquid.  Then I use my fingers to massage it into my face and neck...It soaks in quickly, then I massage coconut oil on my face to moisturise.

The combination of the 2 ingredients helps exfoliate all the dead skin off my face. I have  t o do this at least 2ce a day and especially before going to bed.

I understand that you have beautiful remedies and I really like your cucumber suggestion. I make sure to have a cucumber avocado, sprouted mung bean, beet root, carrot, parsley and coconut oil smoothie daily to keep my skin healthy.  I have been vegetarian for 3 months now and my friends and family were getting concerned. I make sure I get plenty of saturated fats from avocados or coconut oil, then protein from all kinds of beans, lentils, tofu and all kinds of peas.

I must admit I fell off the bandwagon yesterday and bought some chicken.  I felt quite terrible this morning, and renewed my vegetarianism ethic. I do like raw goat milk kefir as it is good high quality protein, however it works out quite expensive to purchase ready made from the Welsh farm I get it from.

Please reply, glowing skin with more tips - good to know you!

Take care....AquaBabe
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