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Summer/Heat induced Pompholyx and how I am treating it...
« on: Thursday July 18, 2013, 02:02:29 PM »
So last year I joined this forum after suffering from my annual flare up of Pompholyx on my feet. This year I am suffering again, this time on my hands. I have come to the conclusion that my trigger is most definitely the heat, and my own sweat!

It has been incredibly hot here in the UK and the other night I noticed that my hands were getting really hot and sweaty, I suspected that this would probably lead to an outbreak so I took an antihistamine before bed and tried to make sure I was as cool as possible. I woke in the morning with really hot sweaty hands, that felt really stiff and tight. Sure enough, they were covered in tiny blisters that continued to spread during the course of the day, and over the last few days.

Yesterday I went to Holland and Barratt to stock up on lotions and potions! My main aim right now is to dry out the blisters so we can begin the healing process (never pop the blisters!! You will encourage infection and skin cracking!Just ride it out!), so I bought some cider vinegar for some hand soaks ( I have been reading about Epsom salts so would love to try those out, will buy some tomorrow!) and some coconut oil for when the blisters dry out. The helpful assistant even called up a co-worker who suffers from the same thing and she suggested I try 'dr.organics organic Moroccon Argan Oil Hand and Nail Balm' for the 'dry skin' stage!

Heres what I do:

- First step is to dry out the blisters, nothing can be done and there is no miracle cure for this stage sadly, you just have to speed up the process. For this I use Cider Vinegar and ice cold water in a bowl. Soak hands for as long, and often, as possible. I suspect that hot water would be much better for drying the blisters out, but I find any heat on my hands unbearable when they are blistered, and the ice cold water does wonders for soothing the itch and burn! I soak them whenever I can, and actually leave a bowl of water in the kitchen that I can dunk my hands in throughout the day (changing it ocassionaly), in case they suddenly get really sore and itchy!

- I avoid any kind of moisturising at this stage, and dont find it uncomfortable doing so, but you may find that you need to apply moisturiser all the time. In the heat, and when my hands are blistered, I find that putting anything greasy or moist on my hands just makes them sweat more and makes them feel hot and bothered, I want them to feel as dry as possible!

- Once the majority of the blisters have started to 'disperse' then I start intensely moisturising them. ( You can tell if they have as the skin will appear, and feel really dry, and the blisters will begin to turn white and hard!) I will be using coconut oil for this where possible and maybe the Moroccan Argan oil cream if I like it. I will add tea tree oil to the coconut oil to try and prevent any infections in the (probably) broken skin! When possible I will be popping on 100% cotton gloves to lock in the moisture after applying the oil and cream!

- Also, on top of that, I have been taking an antihistamine every day. I dont know if makes any difference at all, but if it is a 'reaction' to my own sweat then it cant hurt!

I have spent about 20 years trying to control my Pompholyx, and at the moment this is the best I have come up with. I no longer use ANY steroids or prescribed creams as I dont think they do anything. The only thing the steroid creams have done is thin my skin on my hands and feet so much that they are very sensitive and wrinkly! (Im only 24!) I cant hold hot drinks, or touch hot things as my hands are too sensitive and I find it painful going barefoot as my feet are so delicate!

I hope this helps some of you who suffer from Pompholyx, and would love to hear about your experiences of natural remedies! And am also happy to answer questions!

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Re: Summer/Heat induced Pompholyx and how I am treating it...
« Reply #1 on: Tuesday August 20, 2013, 03:53:44 PM »
thanks for sharing your story.
I find that using Bragg's apple cider vinegar helps.
Once I soaked my hand in half a cup of it filled with just pure apple cider vinegar for about an hour. Before I did that I popped the pompholyx. Afterward it was dry and red and stung. I applied Johnson's aloe vera cream oil to moisturize it. That day it started to heal. New skin was forming and within a few days the areas where I had it looked as if it was never there! I didn't continue to dunk my hand in pure apple cider vinegar though for about a couple days. I would dilute it in water. I would put 2 teaspoons in half a cup of warm water and soak it for about 30 min or more, once or twice a day. I would continue to apply the lotion as well. My hand was free of pompholyx for about a week but then the lesions started to develop again. I saw in the lotion that it had parabens so i discontinued to use it. The pompholyx has returned in the same areas on my two fingers.

I still soak my hand in the diluted apple cider vinegar but i don't pop the blisters anymore. I feel that it's helping. Though at first it may leave the areas dry and red but the skin starts to heal itself. (: I also use organic hemp seed oil as topical treatment and this lotion called Indian Hemp & Haitian Vetiver body lotion to help keep moisturized. NO parabens and all that other unhealthy crap is in it. Hope it all heals soon because I love to do pull ups and I hope this all helps anyone who wants to cure it!