Author Topic: Things I have found that trigger pompholyx flare up.  (Read 14780 times)

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Things I have found that trigger pompholyx flare up.
« on: Friday December 14, 2012, 02:35:47 PM »
Hi everybody.
 I've been a lurker on here for a long time and I have considered posting before many times but I didn't feel that I had anything really to contribute then.
 I first developed pompholyx a few years ago. It was awful, really really awful. I couldn't walk at all and rather than blistering and then peeling in phases it seemed to do both at the same time. At some points I had almost no skin at all on my hands and feet. It was very depressing as well as painful.

 I thought I would post on here to see if what has worked for me might help for somebody else.
 My hands are completely clear and have been for over 10 months now. I still have a small area of dry skin on my right foot but it is very mild.

 I have found a LOT of triggers, I don't think its any one thing and is probably different for different people but I thought I would just add what has worked for me in the hope somebody finds it useful.
 I have found that tinned products should be avoided at all costs, I think nickel can leech into the food and over time build up in your system. Avoiding all canned goods and also using only pans that have a heavy non stick coating works wonders. I really recommend you try it. It has taken me years and years to figure this out, I made the change to avoiding foods exposed to metals and so far have had sustained success with this!
 I have, like many other people with pompholyx, found that dairy products can be a trigger. I don't know if its truly the dairy though, I was wondering if maybe it could be how it is processed. Such as being pasteurized in large stainless steel vats. I took dairy out of my diet completely for months, however I have had small amounts of cheese on rare occasions and haven't had any problems with this though I think if I ate a lot of it or ate it too frequently I might have a flare up.

 Tea and coffee. This was really hard, especially first thing in the morning. But it helped a lot. Anything with caffeine I avoid completely.

 Sweeteners and aspartame seem to be a trigger for me.

 Grains are also a big no no for me, I completely stopped eating breads, pastries, pasta etc. Anything containing wheat, barely, maize, oats etc. Rice seems to be alright though.
 Cumin. This stuff is pure evil, I only have to have a small amount and I will get blisters within a couple of hours. For me it is one of the biggest triggers. It is also in a lot of ready made sauces and soups or used to season frozen potatoes wedges etc (this really sucks because curry used to be my favorite!!!).

 Yeast. I have recently found that this is another trigger for me, yeast extract is also in lots of prepackaged stuff and I avoid that as well.

 One thing that did help was washing my hands and feet under a cold shower every evening and washing with the emollient cream. Just leaving it on the skin made it worse when I was having flare ups, but I found washing with it worked far better. Coconut oil worked really well for me.

 I spent a bit of time trying different bath products/shampoo etc to be sure that it wasn't those. I did have to switch a couple.

 I found wearing light/breathable shoes all the time has helped a lot. I wear canvas trainers in the house to protect my feet from the carpet. I found walking on the carpet would sometimes cause problems, I also found the same with wearing cheap nylon socks. I like to put coconut oil on my feet as well so the canvas shoes stop that getting everywhere and are cheaper than installing wool carpets  :laugh:

  I've probably forgotten something! Hope that maybe that list helps somebody
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Re: Things I have found that trigger pompholyx flare up.
« Reply #1 on: Saturday December 15, 2012, 08:45:49 PM »
Hi Grim!  I have ppp  (very similar to pompholyx) and feel that there are certain things that flare it up, as it changes from day to day, hour to hour almost.  I am starting a diary again to see.  How do you go with tomatoes? I am starting to suspect them. I will have trouble giving up my tea, so will test that too.  Maybe try green tea instead.

Thanks for sharing.  :)

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Re: Things I have found that trigger pompholyx flare up.
« Reply #2 on: Sunday December 16, 2012, 04:29:01 AM »
Hi folks, just a quick note, and a big welcome to now ex-lurker Grim :)

The two diseases are very similar, but PPP has pustules not blisters. From reading on this forum Apple Cider Vinegar works wonders for Pompholyx! There is much information on the Eczema thread re Pompholyx.

I can't comment on food flares from Pompholyx, I don't know enough about it.

My belief for PPP is that food, drink, etc., do NOT trigger or sustain it, UNLESS there is already a sensitivity to that product, or something that is contained in that product. PPP comes & goes as it is genetic in nature - somebody on the PPP thread wrote that perfectly, I will have to look back.

Healthy eating habits and a healthy life style are always best, but they do not affect onset, duration or severity of presentation, unless there is an allergy, or sensitivity to a substance. That is what I believe from my own experience as well as from reading material and investigation.

Sorry, this might be on the wrong board......

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Re: Things I have found that trigger pompholyx flare up.
« Reply #3 on: Sunday December 16, 2012, 07:07:54 AM »
Thanks for the replies guys!

 Hi Marigold. I'm not too sure of green tea would be that much of in improvement if you were trying to remove caffeine as I think it contains more than tea or coffee.
  The thing that made me ditch all coffee was actually quite specific, I could go months not having a flare up, being really careful about what i ate and then go to my friends and have a coffee and just a few ours later I would have blisters on hands that had previously been perfectly clear. Then one week I was shopping with the same friend and we nipped into a supermarket and we both bought coffee, I got the same brand as she did, douwe egberts. I ended up having to throw it out! The flare ups I had got at hers were triggered by the coffee as she always got the same brand! No idea why that brand I have such a strong reaction to, but after that I decided to simply remove coffee and tea as I was removing dairy anyway.
 With tomatoes I have read that they can be bad for eczema and skin conditions but thinking about it, if you were talking about say tinned tomatoes or cooked tomatoes/home made sauces, could it be that the high acid content in them causes more metals to leech into them during cooking and that the reaction is to that? Hmm.

 I've just done a little research as I don't know much about PPP and apparently metal allergies and dental metal allergies have been reported with it so it could be worth investigating.

 Hi CalamityJane,
Thanks for the welcome.
 I agree a healthy lifestyle is best. I suggested to my doctor about mine being allergy related and the disinterest they had was depressing and frustrating. She simply said "it could be" and handed me a prescription for more steroids and emollients.  I'm pretty sure a metals allergy is likely in my case as my mum gets nasty blisters if she wears a watch (stainless steel backed) etc and I myself have skin reactions to things (last week it was a bra with a metal loop on the strap!!!) but not to that severity.
 That doesn't really explain the other things like yeast and carpets though ha ha.

 All I know is so far its working!  ;D

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Re: Things I have found that trigger pompholyx flare up.
« Reply #4 on: Monday February 18, 2013, 04:08:14 AM »
my phompolyx better for now, no blister, just mild itch, no bubble
just consume 1pill of celestamine before sleeps
and i just realize it's really important to find the cause

still trying to find the trigger
- yogurt no problem
- body soap and hand soap no problem
- multivitamin to reduce the side effect from steroid
- non home made dairy and coffee product
- no problem with breads
- no problem with seafood and other foods restaurant
- nickel furniture no problem
- wax and hair treatment no problem

still won't test em:
- coffe and tea home made
- milk for muscle and bone
- satchet milk cream

gonna try:
- tomatoes
- tinned products

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Re: Things I have found that trigger pompholyx flare up.
« Reply #5 on: Saturday February 23, 2013, 09:33:42 AM »
looks like i got the itchy back again
just after 2 days stopping consume the selestamine

maybe i got 2 cause
- my sandals from rubber
- all jasmine tea

gonna focus healing the itchy again before starting to found the trigger

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Re: Things I have found that trigger pompholyx flare up.
« Reply #6 on: Sunday April 07, 2013, 07:59:14 AM »
1 week without celestamine, everyday got itch but i can bear it without consuming some steroid drugs

not using lotion anymore because there just 1 or 2 small bubble causing some itch
still wonder why yogurt sometimes become a trigger
not drink tea and coffee anymore,
i just throwing all my old tea and coffee and starting buying new one

no problem with anti bacterial soap, but still prefer sebamed anti irritant

some slipper still causing trigger...

no trigger from socks even if the socks not from 100% cotton

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Re: Things I have found that trigger pompholyx flare up.
« Reply #7 on: Wednesday May 22, 2013, 01:31:34 AM »
still no problem with food, just small bubble rarely, so i'm not consuming steroid drugs anymore for 1 month

last night make a instant green tea latte
and the next morning i got some small itchy bubble on my hand and feet

looks like my trigger come from instant home made drink products
but still cannot understand why
cause all drink not home made not causing trigger at all

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Re: Things I have found that trigger pompholyx flare up.
« Reply #8 on: Monday June 29, 2015, 07:49:29 AM »
Hi All

I have had the usual battle with not understanding what causes the little blisters on my hands. But I can fairly conclusively say that I have found the culprit for me. Heavy drinking. I started to notice that my bumps would flare up on a Monday. Being a South African in my 20's I am prone to having some big nights partying on the weekend. After testing the theory by not drinking for a few weeks and then having a bender, I am 100% certain that excessive alcohol intake sets off my pompholyx. Now I am not sure if it is actually a reaction to the alcohol, or whether excessive drinking causes anxiety which sets off the bumps, but one way or another, thats what causes it. I have a suspicion that  dark spirits and red wine might be the worst, but im not certain about that yet

Anyway, I hope this helps anyone who reads it. The realisation is certainly an adequate reason to reel it in a bit on the weekends!