Author Topic: Repcillin Ointment for Eczema Works!!  (Read 2425 times)

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Repcillin Ointment for Eczema Works!!
« on: Tuesday April 10, 2012, 03:12:17 PM »
Hi there folks,

My flare up began in December 2011.  I am very much into raw food and juicing to cure my eczema, but this flare up beat me this time and I ended up going to the doctors 3 times.  All they could recommend were the usual steroids and ointments and creams.

I went on the internet and ordered Freederm HC cream which didn't work, skin salvation cream which didn't work.

Anyway, I bought some Repcillin ointment from South Africa and got 6 10g satchets.  It was the 3rd satchet that made the difference.  I had a bath last Thursday and woke up the next day with severe flakey skin.  Good thing I had skin brush.  I brushed all the flakes off (it was a lot!) and underneath was smooth soft skin. 

I haven't used another satchet, but the instructions are to use a satchet every 3 days as it is a strong product.  I have ordered some more for my skin.

I don't use the Repcillin on my face as it made it flake and I didn't need that. However, I am glad that I found something that could potentially heal my skin.

The scars are healing up as well.

Hope this helps someone.

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