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Author Topic: hidradenitis supp.  (Read 3191 times)

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hidradenitis supp.
« on: Monday August 01, 2011, 04:14:54 PM »
Hello I am stephanie
I am new to the skincell website and my questions are for ppl who have hidradenitis supp. First I want to say I am so relieved to stumble upon this website and all the information others can share about their skin problems. It makes it feel like you're not alone.  I've started getting recurring boils all over my body.  I've been trying to pin point what is going on and I've recently found info on hidradenitis supp.  Can you get this on your face also?  Does it cause high bp?  I have had 15 boils since Dec of last year, I also have had 3 staph infections and one that lead to a case of celluitus.  Not all boils have fully developed because if treating it with witch hazel at first sight.  I've went to a Derm who looked at a recent out break on my leg and he said cause was acne.  I was but put on solodyn happy all my problems would go away.  That would be a negative and I've gotten 3 more fully developed boils that tried to "group" a strand next to each other but with using witch hazel, triple ant.cream I stopped some.  The only thing that finally helped remove the infection, redness and swelling was an actual antibiotic.  So this acne theory isn't cutting it.  I will say I notice my boils begin when I've gotten hot or sweat. Along with now boils and hbp I've gotten unexplained hip pain that sporadically bothers me.  Always in the same hip.  I've got a physical and blood work scheduled with my doc this week and after reading about hs, confirming the pics match what lesions or "holes" I get I'm pretty freaked out.  How is hs diagnosed?  Can ppl who have this tell me if this sounds like u? Thx .

One thing I also wanted to add.  All of these boils leave ugly scars. Anyone know how to treat without it leaving a scar?
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