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Hope this will help someone
« on: Wednesday November 03, 2010, 11:28:40 PM »
I've posted elsewhere on this site before finding the HS Section.

After having 2 episodes of very large angry red and extremely itchy pustules - one in the lower back, and one on the upper abdomen, I did some searching online.  Have not been to my doctor, but everything fits for HS.  I have a medical background, so was able to find the HS info fairly easily.  I wasn't going to post, but after seeing the suffering everyone is going thru, I felt compelled to share my situation.

My first hint of a problem was severe itching, and then after checking out the problem site, was amazed at the size of the lump that had arisen seemingly out of nowhere.  The ONLY thing I did was to apply Vicks Vaporub twice a day.  After 4 days, the sites were clear - no scarring, NOTHING!!  The lumps were 3/4 in long by 1/2 in wide and 1/2 in high.

It does have anti inflamatory properties, and I have used it for toenail fungus where prescription creams did nothing.  A search online will find many who have used it for skin erruptions with success.

I also changed washing technique, am now using a face cloth with soap and gently scrubbing, in hopes that this technique will help prevent blocking ducts and remove dead skin.  I said GENTLY, not with the intent of wearing out my skin.

Another thought that I would recommend with caution is rubbing alcohol.  I have used it successfully on the occasional small erruption.  Remember that alcohol has drying properties and chronic use can affect your skin, but for emergencies on unbroken skin, the alcohol will penetrate and kill the bacteria directly. Have never used this on HS tho - so proceed with caution.

I'm posting in the hopes that this information will help someone on this forum


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Re: Hope this will help someone
« Reply #1 on: Thursday March 10, 2011, 01:23:42 AM »
Thanks for the info I too am new to this topic I have found one doc that has even heard of it let alone knows what to do for it. I am going out to buy vapo rub soon as many of u have had success with this. I wud recommend alcohol with severe caution I has an incident when suffering quietly when I was 13 of using it, it was a large bump with a ever so small top uncovered I thought my inner thigh wud never stop burning. It was like a cigarette had been lit under my skin. I sat in a cold bath to aleeve it. Just please extreme caution.

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Re: Hope this will help someone
« Reply #2 on: Friday July 01, 2011, 02:33:36 AM »
Hello Carol!~ Thanks for the tip on the vicks I tried it last night & got up this AM to see that some of my little new bumps are already starting to drain!~ I am thrilled but, have notied that it does burn a little. I will stick with this & see how it does for me. I am NEW here & need to have my notebook handy so I can write down many of the tips I see. I started out with HS at 12y/o & my back, chest, arms down to my elbows were covered with huge draining boils & I wore long sleeve blouses even in the summer months. My dermatologist had me on antibiotics from 12 y/o until early 30s. My back, chest, & arms finally stopped breaking out & in my 30s I started ACCUTANE treatment for atleast 2 years so my face did stop breaking out. I had broke out as a kiid with boils on my butt, & they cleared up there only to start on my upper thighs, & now in my pubic area with a few on my stomach.I was always embarressed & my family Dr. doesn't even know about this. I did show him my stomach & he gave me an anitbiotic which cleared it up for a little while. I also had a dermatologist that removed about 20 cysts & retired before I had the other 20 removed. I was pain free as soon as he removed them but, of course as he told me they are back & I have many more. I used  an OTC cream called Boil Ease at times with a big bandage on it & it would bring things to a head in a couple of days & would soak in a hot tub a few times a day or use hot compresses to speed things up. I always felt ashamed about this & now that I found this site I know im not alone & called my sister & told her about the HS that we both have. One of my Drs. told me that it's a shame that my parents met & had kids as that's why I am suffering with this. He just kept shaking his head & saying what a shame it was that they ever met. lol Thank you all so much for sharing & I  feel better already! <3 Linda
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Re: Hope this will help someone
« Reply #3 on: Saturday July 09, 2011, 08:28:30 AM »
Hi Linda, have you read my thread on diet below?  We are also on facebook, an open group, "HS and Gluten Free"  I hope you will join us there. 

Sorry you were exposed to such a crazy doctor...  HS is a lot more common than you can imagine.  Some people like me stay in remission for years at a time, because of boosting our immune system with diet, and exercise, drinking plenty of water, and getting plenty of sleep...

HS is a genetic autoimmune illness & nothing to be ashamed of.  & some of us skinny people have it also - so if you are overweight it might complicate your HS but it does not "cause" it.  I have found that it can be controlled with diet. 

It is good to take the zinc.  I also take Zinc, vitamin D & vitamin B12.
welcome & I am sorry I did not get on here to post earlier. There are a couple of other HS sites that are more active than this one & they keep me busy!!!!

wishing you a good weekend.  Where do you live?  I am in Houston, Texas