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Diagnosed today
« on: Tuesday August 10, 2010, 07:19:32 PM »
Hi all,

After 5 years of this charming disease and countless doctors with no idea what it is I finally had a diagnosis today!!
I have recently moved and changed docs so when I had a flare up on Monday I thought it would be prime time to test my doctor lol, I went all geared up to fight to see a dermatologist to get a prognosis but I was in for a shock when I handed him the piece of paper with HS written on it he replied oh yes I know this little beast I been doing some research lately on it  :o ......

Anyway he has given me some flucloxacillan as latest beauty spot is infected (joy)  ::) and when I have finished he has given me Lymecycline 408mg capsules to try. He left me with the words it might not work but we have to start somewhere we prob in for a long Journey together :) !!