Author Topic: No the doctors are not stupid  (Read 3386 times)

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No the doctors are not stupid
« on: Wednesday March 17, 2010, 03:41:19 PM »
I've read some posts that seem to think that doctors are stupid because they can't prescribe some kind of magic pill to clear this up. I don't think that it's fair to just say "Doctor's are stupid". Certainly not with a condition like HS. People like us who have HS have a very rare and, so far, incurable condition. I'm 57 years old and have been getting these large cysts since I was 13. Over the years I've been to many doctors who have tried their best to help me. I've been through many courses of various antibiotics. I've had Hepatitis medicine, Staph infection treatment, Strep infection treatment, Accutane twice, Diabetes tests, surgeries that stunk up the entire doctors office...44 years of attempts to figure this out and fix it. The fact that I still get these annoying, grotesque and very painful...there's a one-week old cyst draining and healing on my leg right now as a matter of fact...'volcanos' on my skin certainly doesn't mean that doctors are stupid. It just means that I have a condition that I truly hate and wish I didn't have. But I do. So I just have to do my best to deal with it. It's nobody's fault. It's just the way it is. Get yourself a moist hotpad and some pain killer (like Advil) and learn to accept it. Until the day comes that a cure is found, you are the only one who can do anything about it.