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Eczema flare up
« on: Monday February 01, 2010, 08:47:53 AM »
The summer before last my eczema really flared up, the outside layers of skin went brown, tough and flakey while the inside layers were bright red very sore and weepin/bleeding when i went to the dermatologist about it (after numerous trips to the GP) she said she hadn't seen anything like it. now its coming up again and i'm worried it will get that bad again.  :( does any one have any idea why it happend in the first place? ( i would add a picture but the computor won't accept my memory stick)

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Re: Eczema flare up
« Reply #1 on: Tuesday February 02, 2010, 10:40:48 AM »
What changed? Season, pollen, air quality, water quality, sleep, diet, oils, soap, etc, etc

You'll need to reflect back and do the detective work

Good luck
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Re: Eczema flare up
« Reply #2 on: Wednesday February 03, 2010, 01:11:30 PM »
diet can be a HUGE one.  And it can be something that you have been eating all along, and for some reason, now, your body can not handle it any more.  I recently figured out that Orange Juice is a MAJOR trigger for me.  I have never had issues with it before, or never realized that it might be causing my minor issues with Eczema, but when it got really bad, I (miraculously) made the connection, and eliminated it, and have now, less than two weeks later, recovered my (nearly) normal skin!!!!  Yipee!!  So, when you are thinking about your diet, don't only focus on stuff you might have added just before your flare.  Also think about stuff that is known irritants, and stuff you eat ALOT of (if you eat it ALOT, you can develop an allergy from over exposure).  Know irritants are milk and milk products(cheese), citrus, eggs, seafood, nuts, wheat, and I know there are others, look them up.  But you might have to eliminate all of them, for about 4-6 weeks (to allow your body plenty of time to heal), and then gradually re-introduce them, to see which ones you can tolerate, and which ones will cause problems.  Good luck!!!  It's worth it!!!