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Just found this site...
« on: Wednesday December 30, 2009, 06:31:06 PM »
Okay ... .since everyone speaks quite candid here I will too.

In July I started to have this itch in my private area. My primary thought it was just heat and a "good airing out" would fix it. I then made a appointment with my gyno about 2 months later as it didn't get any better- it got worse. Then I went to my gyno and he said you need to make a appointment with a derm. I did - they took a spot and sent it off to find out that it was nothing. They put me on a steriod for 10 days and Betamethansone Dipropionate Cream. The itching has stopped but it's what like 5 months later and I'm still having problems. Then these boil type things came up - they do not ooze - they do not come to a head so to speak. However they do leave a mark under the skin. They are in my thigh area - not on my private part, yet?

After reading all these posts I'm very worried that I may have what is being stated on these posts. I have another appointment this month and I'm going to print off some of these posts in hopes I don't have to go through the same things you all did. My question is does this get worse as time goes on? Can it be stopped? Is it like the flu it comes and goes?

Thank you for your time.