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recently diagnosed ppp
« on: Sunday November 22, 2009, 11:09:54 AM »
hi every one,im craig,i have just been diagnosed with ppp :(its nice to see there are others in my a bit bewildered by it all at the mo,caused me to be off work for the last 6 months and now my employers are looking at medical severence,as it is a chronic skin disorder with no cure and is undoubtedly going to cause me more time off in the future.for the last week my symptons have been quite mild in comparison to how it has been(bright red palms with a few pustules appearing here and there with some peeling/flaking)i live in the uk and am looking at an uncertain future now,has any one in the uk been in a similar situation,is this condition classed as a disability ,hows other peoples experiences been with their employers or future employers,sorry to sound a drag just a little unsettled at the mo and not sure which way to turn,any help or guidance would be greatly recieved,thanks in advance.

sorry every one new to the forum i posted this message in the calamityjane ppp thread .
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