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hydrogen peroxide on skin when showering
« on: Wednesday November 11, 2009, 05:56:19 AM »
Hey folks, just wanted to share a treatment idea I had that seems to be helping me a lot:  rubbing my skin down with hydrogen peroxide when I shower. 

I got this idea from reading a lot of accounts of people using bleach in their bath and finding that helped them a lot.  For my atopic dermatitis the extreme dryness of my skin is a big part of the problem, so I can't really take baths, it dries my skin out too bad.  The bleach idea is thought to help by helping to control bacteria levels on the skin, because people with atopic dermatitis are known to have high levels of staph bacteria on their skin [for still unknown reasons].  But it would be way too harsh to put bleach directly on your skin, so I got the idea to use hydrogen peroxide on my skin when I shower.  Basically I get into the shower and while my skin is still dry I rub my arms and legs and other problem areas down with hydrogen peroxide.  Hydrogen peroxide is very cheap!  After that I rinse the hydrogen peroxide off thoroughly, then I go about my showering business as I normally do, with a very mild soap, but often I actually don't even use soap on my arms and legs as this hydrogen peroxide treatment plus a good water rinse seems to do a pretty good cleaning job already.

This treatment seems to be helping me a lot, I have been doing it for about three months now whenever I shower and the constant itching on my arms and legs has mostly gone away.  So I would definitely reccomend it for other people to try and see if it helps them too.  BUT BE SURE JUST TO TRY ON A PATCH OF SKIN FIRST, SUCH AS ONE FOREARM, BECAUSE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE CAN BE AN IRRITANT.  Also I don't reccomend this so much for spots of active eczema necessarily, because it can make raw skin itch quite a bit in my experience and once you start scratching in the shower it can be extremely damaging to your skin because your skin is soft and vulnerable -- but for skin that is pretty clear but still itches you sometimes, this is the use I would reccomend it for.  Also, bear in mind that hydrogen peroxide is used to bleach people's hair, so don't use it on your head and you can expect your body hair to lighten a little bit, but not too much because you aren't leaving the hydrogen peroxide on for very long.

This seems to be helping me a lot, so I just wanted to share the idea.  Also it says on the hydrogen peroxide bottles not to apply over a large area, I believe they are talking about large wounds and abrasions where a lot of it could be absorbed past the skin, but I'm not a doctor and don't know for sure.  My feeling is that hydrogen peroxide is generally pretty innocuous, people brush their teeth with it every day, bleach their hair with it, put it in their wash, etc, so I think it is ok on large areas of intact skin, and haven't had any problems with it.  But one thing they know about atopic dermatitis is that controlling the staph levels on the skin definitely helps a bit, this is why taking antibiotics, for example, will often have a coincidental impact of helping the eczema to get a little bit better.  Anyways...

Good luck everyone!

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Re: hydrogen peroxide on skin when showering
« Reply #1 on: Monday June 21, 2010, 02:56:47 AM »
Is this not dangerous? It is a chemical and chemicals are a problem for sensitive skin.