Author Topic: The anti-histamine thread (what are you all taking?)  (Read 3820 times)

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The anti-histamine thread (what are you all taking?)
« on: Wednesday November 04, 2009, 03:04:10 PM »
Probably, if not, all eczema sufferers have some anti-histamines at their disposal. Although there are manny different brands of anti-histamines in the market, they all have the same function in our eyes; to stop that bloody itch! To further iterate on anti-histamines, I shall repost what I have posted in another thread.

I posted here because I want to share with you what I have found out recently on anti-histamines. Apparently anti-histamines have no major side effects (if any at all). However, pharmacist and my dermatologist told me that based on their past experiences, heavy continuous intake of anti-histamines causes your body to 'work around it'. This means that after awhile, you may have to consume more dosage (e.g. 2 tablets, higher concentration, etc) of anti-histamines.

If this trend continues, you will come to a point where your body will end up not reacting to the consumed anti-histamines at all. This is when the dermatologist would prescribe a different brand of anti-histamines, hoping your body would react to it. My dermatologist have informed me that he has a middle-aged patient who has been prescribed ALL the brands of anti-histamine found in the local market as the years go by since he kept developing an 'immunity' against the anti-histamines given. I've been told that the patient is now being fed by any new anti-histamine brands as soon as it hit the market.

To put it simply, since there are no major side effects from consuming anti-histamines, it is probably wise of us to start knowing what kind of anti-histamine brands are out there in the market. So, what anti-histamines are you taking? To start things off, I shall list out my prescription. It is appreciated if you guys/girls can follow my format. :)

Currently taking
Day: 10mg Cetrizin STADA
Dosage: 1 tablet
Drowsy: No
Note: It now takes longer to come into effect. On certain ocassions, it is barely showing any effects at all.

Night: 2mg Polaramine
Dosage: 2 tablets
Drowsy: Yes
Note: -

Taken before
Night: 4mg Horamine (Piriton)
Dosage: 1 tablet.
Drowsy: Yes
Note: Increased to 2 tablets before shifting to polaramine recently.

*My anti-histamine program are to take only when needed

*Note: Posts in this thread by no means guarantee that the anti-histamines taken will 'work on you'. I will reiterate that this thread is just meant for information(s) on anti-histamines. Eczema is a very 'personalised condition'. Every body reacts differently to it. Since I am not a doctor, I strongly recommend to consult your dermatologist before consuming any of the said anti-histamines written on this thread as I will not take responsibility for any outcomes whether good or bad.
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My Eczema Summary:
My Eczema triggered 1 year after coming back to Malaysia in 2007, after studying in Australia.

Affected locations are my cheeks, forehead, behind and in front of my ears, neck (front and sides), behind my knees, between my elbows, and possibly on my scalp.

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Re: The anti-histamine thread (what are you all taking?)
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday November 11, 2009, 06:03:14 AM »
I've never had much benefit from anti-histamines, except for benadryl.  Especially if I am having some sudden intense itching problem, as if I ate something I was allergic to, or my skin was exposed to some bad environmental allergen, then I will take a couple benadryl and they usually help a lot for the next 12 hours or whatever, but they also knock me out unfortunately.  Just taking one benadryl will cause less drowsiness and sometimes still helps me a little bit.

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Re: The anti-histamine thread (what are you all taking?)
« Reply #2 on: Monday February 01, 2010, 08:53:30 AM »
I'm currantly on Citirazine which is helping but i'm trying to cut down my use so that what you've described doesn't happen (was previously on 3 per day now on 1). but was prescribed piriton during a sudden flare up the summer before last.