Author Topic: Dead Set = Zombie Horror at its BEST!!!  (Read 2769 times)

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Dead Set = Zombie Horror at its BEST!!!
« on: Saturday September 12, 2009, 07:10:07 PM »
Oh.  My.  God.

I just watched something that, in all honesty, I consider one of the greatest zombie "movies" ever.


Any of you guys see this when it was on TELEVISION in the UK?  It's only five episodes and plays out more like a horror movie than a television mini-series.

That stuff would never get aired over here, especially the part where... well, every part worth watching.  lol

It reminds me very much of the comic book Walking Dead, which focuses quite a bit on its (very well-acted) characters - and then throws you a curve-ball when least expected.

I give this, without a doubt, a 9.5/10.  It was soooooooooo good.  Essential if you're into zombie flics.
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