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Clothes and Eczema
« on: Wednesday July 22, 2009, 01:42:33 AM »

I am new here, but my battle against Eczema isn't. My knowledge on how to manage this 'disease' is actually very little. I was surfing the internet one day, looking to find for more information and I stumbled upon this forum. I have alot of questions, but I would probably shoot them one at a time.

My question for today is this.
I heard that there are certain type of clothings you cannot wear while having an eczema problem (since it may agitate the eczema prone region, hence making it worse). Anyone have any idea what these clothing material are? cotton? wool? silk? etc.
My Eczema Summary:
My Eczema triggered 1 year after coming back to Malaysia in 2007, after studying in Australia.

Affected locations are my cheeks, forehead, behind and in front of my ears, neck (front and sides), behind my knees, between my elbows, and possibly on my scalp.

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Re: Clothes and Eczema
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday July 22, 2009, 01:37:33 PM »
Hi there.  Clothes can sometimes affect eczema.  Some fabrics trap heat and moisture against your skin and stop your skin 'breathing', some are very abrasive and sort of scratch your skin and some clothes can lead to allergic reactions (eg to the dyes used).  The traditional advice is to wear cotton clothes that you don't get hot in and that are light, loose, soft and smooth enough to not rub against your skin too much.  Some special synthetic materials for eczema might now be even better but you can't get these in regular shops.  Wool is generally one to avoid wearing because it's quite rough and scrapes against your skin slightly.  I also react to Lycra, which is often mixed into trousers or socks that look like they're pure cotton so I always read the label now.

Looking at your signature, if you mainly get eczema on the face, I guess it's not really your clothes that are causing it, though.  I wouldn't go overboard unless you really think your clothes are making your skin worse.


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Re: Clothes and Eczema
« Reply #2 on: Thursday July 23, 2009, 08:47:10 AM »
Hi, many fabrics and materials can irritate eczematic skin, as Murray said.  Polyesters are especially bad in my experience, and lots of eczema sufferers [including me] try to limit their wardrobe to 100% cotton.  While most synthetics irritate my skin terribly, I usually find that nylon does not [coat linings, for example].

Dyes can also cause problems for some people, usually a particular color.  Dark blue will usually irritate my skin a bit, for example.

As far as information about managing your eczema, in general, I would really reccomend to you the book THE ECZEMA SOLUTION by Sue Armstrong-Brown.  I have been reading this book and it is filled with good ideas, advice, and a powerful system of psychological re-training in order to help us eczematics to not scratch so much.

But as far as clothes go, just to underline: 100% cotton is your friend! :)