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recently diagnosed pompholyx
« on: Wednesday July 15, 2009, 11:18:43 AM »
Hello All, i have the dreaded pompholyx on both hands, it was only recently diagnosed although i've had it for about 6 years, i'm 37 had Eczema when i was younger but that cleared up when i was about 14. I never really worried about my hands untill about 3 years ago when my 3rd child was born and all my hands were dry and cracked a little sore and iwas worried about scratching his skin when i picked him up.

I now seem to have it constantly my blisters appear, the itching would start some blisters would pop with my scratching (it feels sooooo nice) then my skin would dry and crack and slowly heal. And as soon as my hands were back to almost normal looking the first blisters would appear and it all starts over again.

I have read a few posts on here today and i'm so sorry to hear of fellow sufferers stories but pleased i'm not abnormal. I have to creams at the moment me steroid cream, clobetasol, 17-propionato and a big tub of Epaderm. just really wanted to know about other peoples treatment what works best for them and what keeps it away the longest. I've heard sea water is good for many skin conditions but i'm in london so the coast is not on my doorstep, or is plain tablesalt added to water just as good? ???

Thanks for reading