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dermovate question
« on: Tuesday June 30, 2009, 10:26:56 AM »
I have pompholyx really badly, both hands and both feet severly affected. I went back to my gp yesterday, as the constant itching is unbearable. She gave me some dermovate and said i could wrap it after application, but i forgot to ask how and what with!!!! ::) She also gave me some prednisolone and said if the cream hasnt made an improvemant in 48 hrs to take the tablets. Do i stop using the cream then? She also gave me some ABs again to take if no improvemant after48 hrs. My feet are so sore, i cant bear socks and shoes on. My hands are so sore  and covered in big red looking fluidy blisters. The itch is contant and i havent slept since thursday night. I use cold water soaks with ice packs in it, but it just makes my hands burn afterwards. Please, any tips would be so welcome! Oh, and she gave me aqueous cream to wash with and apply after washing.