I would like suggestions on how to reduce pain and swelling..

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New Girl!!
« on: Thursday June 04, 2009, 06:53:57 PM »
Hi Ladies i'm Tiffeny! I have been dealing with HS for about thirteen years. It started at age 12 when i started my period.. I always get them in the bikini area, and have horrible scars. I have one now that is on the inside of my leg and it started about two months ago. It went away, moved to the back of my leg and now it is back to my thigh! I went to the doctor and he told me he would have drained it but as of Tue there was nothing to drain. I woke up on Wed it has doubled in size and purple on the inside and red around it. I have never had a problem with HS on my legs it has always been in the same place on both sides in the bikini area. My cousin gets these, and also several people in my family. The doctor perscribed me Keflex to get rid of the infection, but so far it's only getting worse. I'm hesitant to go back today because i got the feeling like he was shrubbing me off. I can hardly walk and in the past when they got this bad they have always drained shortly after, but this one dosen't seem to be close. I have tried hot compresses, heating pad, bath tub and it is so sore to even touch it. I can't cross my legs it hard to even sit on the toilet. If anyone has any suggestions on how to make the swelling go down, or to reduce the pain i would greatly appreciate it! Thanks in advance

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Re: New Girl!!
« Reply #1 on: Saturday June 06, 2009, 10:57:33 PM »
Hi Tiffeny,
Everyone has different things they discover that help them. It's a matter of trying anything you can get your hands on and finding what works for you. Here are some suggestions:
- Turmeric: It's a yellowish spice that counters inflamation. You can swallow it in pill form, put it on food, even make a paste out of it to rub on your skin.
- Acupuncture and reflexology: Relaxation, some people find it helps with pain.
- Long baths with oatmeal and/or tea tree oil: Make an oatmeal bath* or add ten drops of oil to a bath. Very soothing and may help lesions come to the surface.
- B*tching to the doctor: See if you can get your doctor to give you medication that will actually help you... Who knows...
- Ice packs: May be painful for some. Ice calms irritated skin and at the very least numbs it a bit...

Try and stay cool in the hot weather! Lots of showers to stop any sweating!

Good luck, and I'll try to add anything else I can think of.

- Avi
* Oatmeal baths: Put about a cup of plain (unseasoned, no sugar) oatmeal in the middle of a handkerchief and tie the ends together. Place in bath. Once mushy (no better word for it...), squeeze the handkerchief in the tub, turning the water somewhat milky.
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