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hi i'm new.
« on: Friday March 13, 2009, 05:17:54 PM »
i'm new. I've been an hs sufferer for about 6 years now. Tryed everything you can think off. The special deodorant, antiseptic wash. Antibiotics. I've seen specialists and am waiting to see more. I was told to begin with it wasnt genetic but i've since found it is. My father had it for years and he dyed 10 years ago of lymph noid cancer. Fed up with being pushed from plier to post Without any answers. Any ideas on what i can try now???

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Re: hi i'm new.
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday March 25, 2009, 08:55:29 AM »
Hiya, welcome to skin cell.
At moment my dermy has put me on combi of rifampan (not sure on spelling of that one!!) and clindamycin which works a treat at getting rid of sores, lesions etc but side effects this time are really bad!!! whole body feels like its gone 10 rounds with tyson and feel like got really bad flu. As a temp thing I can handle it but seeing dermy next week to see if there's anything long term that I can try. Oh and my wife (sharon) says i'm hell to live with when i'm on this course of antibiotics!!! All good fun :D :D. At mo i've torn cart in right knee but they keep cancelling op cos of outbreaks of HS so need to stay on these tabs till i've at least got my knee sorted.
I have read that it can be genetic but so far none of my family have ever had it that i know of.
Tony :) xx