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thanks from lillo
« on: Friday February 27, 2009, 09:04:04 PM »
thanks for your support, after reading messages already on i feel abit of a fraud, others seem to suffer alot more than me, but there are times i just feel like giving up but i know i cant, so i battle on hard it may be.  i'm quite a shy private person, not even my family know what i have, eventhough my sister is a nurse, i know they will panic especially if i do decide to have an op, though they are used to me having ops as i am also accident prone, having spent some times in hospitals over the years with different things. ;D ;D  :laugh:.  my assessment appointment is monday, which i am dreading, not sure what they will decide to do next. if they suggest op the one thing i have against it is mrsa, and i have seen the results of that on some people, which is not good.

do i go for op or not, i am so confused :-\??????????????

again thanks for support and hugs