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How to reply...?
« on: Thursday November 20, 2008, 12:25:58 AM »
I bumped into a new member in Chat last night... Nov. 19 Gringo time. :) He (she? Oh dear) was having trouble posting.

I've copy-pasted the conversation below.

Bamawing] 7:47 pm: Hello!
[signdoc] 7:49 pm: Can anyone help me with my first post to Grove's. Can't find new post button. Thanks.
[Bamawing] 7:49 pm: Oh dear! lemme think...
[Bamawing] 7:49 pm: I think the "post" button is "submit." lemme check
[Bamawing] 7:50 pm: Hm.
[Bamawing] 7:50 pm: Perhaps you
[Bamawing] 7:50 pm: you're (sorry about that) looking for "start new thread"
[Bamawing] 7:50 pm: Unless you have the post already typed up?
[Bamawing] 7:51 pm: If that's the case, the "post" button is below the typing space (er. for lack of a better word.)
[signdoc] 7:52 pm: I am looking at the liist of all postings.  I don't see a text screen or 'start new thread' or
typing space.  I must be at the wrong screen.  Tried following Help - no luck.
[Bamawing] 7:53 pm: Hm...
[Bamawing] 7:54 pm: you see all the threads. Do you see where it mentions when the "last post" was?
[Bamawing] 7:54 pm: Looks like this:
[Bamawing] 7:55 pm: Monday November 17, 2008, 04:34:43 PM
[Bamawing] 7:55 pm: By Anthropositer
[Bamawing] 7:55 pm: On the far right of the screen.
[Bamawing] 7:57 pm: right above that is the "post new topic" button, which should get you where you want to
[signdoc] 7:58 pm: I don't see 'last post'.  I must be on the wrong screen.  I am at the Topic leve and can scroll
through all postings for past few years.  It looks like I need to move up one level but somehow stay within same
[signdoc] 7:59 pm: It almost looks like I am registered to Read Only, not Post.
[Bamawing] 8:00 pm: That does seem odd. What's your screenname? perhaps I can help....
[signdoc] 8:01 pm: signdoc.  I wnat to post some info. for Grover's people that some might find valuable.
[Bamawing] 8:01 pm: OK. lemme check.     
[Bamawing] 8:03 pm: *still looking... sorry this is taking so long...*
[Bamawing] 8:05 pm: You're registered properly... let me see if I can find you. You're on the "topic" level...  what
do you see?
[signdoc] 8:10 pm: Grover's disease.
[Bamawing] 8:10 pm: OK. *goes to look*
[Bamawing] 8:12 pm: OK. I think I know where you are.      Do you want to add your post to the Grover's
disease thread, or do you want to make your own thread?
[signdoc] 8:12 pm: I think the former.
[Bamawing] 8:13 pm: OK. Scroll to the very bottom of the screen and tell me what you see.
[signdoc] 8:14 pm: I am on the last page of all postings. See buttons - REPLY, NOTIFY...PRINT.
[Bamawing] 8:15 pm: OK... *looking* OK, strange question... are you logged in?
[signdoc] 8:16 pm: Ouch. That might be it.  I thought I was because it has my screenname at the top of all
postings; but maybe you can read under screen name but need to be formally logged in to post.
[Bamawing] 8:17 pm: Oh, I think I get it.     
[Bamawing] 8:18 pm: It'll either say "welcome guest, please log in or register"  at the top, or "welcome signdoc"
at the top. In either case, all you have to do is hit the "reply" button.     
[Bamawing] 8:18 pm: If you're not logged in, it'll direct you to the login screen. Otherwise, it'll just let you post.
[signdoc] 8:19 pm: It says 'Hello signdoc' and then gives looged in stats, etc.
[Bamawing] 8:21 pm: Ok, that is strange. Very strange. It's supposed to give you an autoreply screen at the
bottom... right under the "reply notify print" buttons.
[signdoc] 8:22 pm: I think I will just start again.  Thank you so much for your patience.  I am sure that I will
eventually figure it out.
[Bamawing] 8:22 pm: My pleasure... this is really strange.
[signdoc] 8:22 pm: Signing off.
[Bamawing] 8:22 pm: I'm hoping the thingamabobber isn't messed up somehow. I'll mention it to Nick.
[Bamawing] 8:23 pm: Bye!
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Re: How to reply...?
« Reply #1 on: Thursday November 20, 2008, 08:07:20 AM »
signdoc must have been logged in if they could see the "Reply" button.
Signdoc, if you get any other problems with posting then please drop me a line and we can go through it.

Thanks to Bama for the assistance.