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Another newbi!
« on: Sunday August 24, 2008, 01:16:45 AM »
Hey everyone. I'm nnneww!  :-\
Um... Where to start...
I'm a female.
20 years old.
My first boil was when I was about 12, I'm guessing. It started on my inner theighs. I now have them under my boobs. Between my boobs. Under my arm pits and really bad on my theighs. When I was about 15, I went to the doctor about it. She said it was called ''Dyshydrosis Suppurativa.'' So I had always thought it was that and could never find anything on that condition. So I felt pretty alone, like I was the only person who had it. I just went to an actual SKIN DOCTOR, two days ago and was told what it was actually called. I'm happy to have already found SO much information on it. Even though theres not a cure, it's better to know ways to deal, have people to talk to and a little bit of information to work with... Then nothing.
I'm overweight now, but haven't always been. It seems when I got to my largest weight, I got them on my boobs, and under my boobs. I just started getting them on my arm pits.
I'm starting on an antibiotic called doxycycline. (Has anyone been on it? Has it done anything?)
I read something on the ''do we have anyhting in common'' board, where a lot of people said they were light skinned, bruised easy, irish decent and had terrible tonsils! Which was WHOA, because other than HS my tonsils gave me the biggest problem in life (Thus far). I had them removed when I was 15 and they were apparently the biggest tonsils my throat doctor had ever removed. Has everyone had problems with their tonsils?
Also, I was thinking about trying a gluton free diet. I read a few places that it might help with skin. Any truth to this, maybe?
Anyways, I'm sorry we all have to be here but I am glad I'm no longer alone...

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Re: Another newbi!
« Reply #1 on: Sunday August 24, 2008, 01:59:04 AM »
Hello. Welcome to the forum. I have HS as well. I'm glad to know you've found treatment. I have never been on that medicine, sorry. I have had HS since I was 17, I am now 22. I was kind of misdiagnosed and pushed away when I was 17 and really didn't seek help again over embarrassment, but over the last year I researched and found out what I had and went back to who pushed me away with info and picture of HS and then showed her my scarring and out breaks / lesions, she agreed, I am now waiting to get into a Dermatologist, my first appt is Oct, 28th. Anyway, sorry for babbling. I'm sorry to hear you've been struggling with HS, it's usually not easy to deal with it, as it can be demoralizing. If you ever want to talk, you can PM me or get my MSN addy out of my profile and add me to it as well, if you want to. You aren't alone. Take care. :hugs:
With care,
Caz (Carolyn)
xx :hugs:

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