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help me....
« on: Saturday August 16, 2008, 01:02:52 AM »
Hello all. my name is Melissa and i have had HS for 8 years. i am soooooooooooo over it. i cant deal with it anymore!! i have a beautiful 2yo daughter that keeps me going if it wasn't for her i would have given up by now!! sometimes it gets to the point where i cant even pick her up or play with her. its sad. i have tried so many different things to ease the pain but as you would all know there is NOTHING. if anybody would like to chat to me on MSN my address is.......[address removed] i am so glad to know that there are people out there like me and that i am not alone. the sadest thing about it is that if they don't find a cure my beautiful bubby will one day have this to. i wouldn't want to wish this pain on anybody!!!!
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Re: help me....
« Reply #1 on: Sunday August 24, 2008, 02:26:01 AM »
Missa, welcome, I know we've already talked via MSN messenger. I really am sorry you've struggled so much with HS, it can be miserable. I can't remember if you said you had ever tried Zinc or a diet change, it's been seen to help a little with some people, but medical treatment is usually what helps most. What I'd suggest is to research treatments and if you are seeing a Dermatologist, maybe print the treatments out and ask the Derm about them and see what can be done and what they think would be the best treatment for you. I am always around if you need me. Take care, hun. :hugs:
With care,
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